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Ice packs

I am taking small cooler with me in my checked luggage and was hoping to bring along a couple of ice packs as well.

Does anyone know if there is a problem bringing soft gel (or hard) ice packs in checked luggage?


I don’t think bringing them to Cuba will be a problem in checked luggage. I was wondering how you expected to freeze them while in Cuba. I know that although the rooms I stayed in in different resorts had refrigerators, they didn’t have a freezer section. Good luck.

Zero issues with the ice packs.

I seem to recall that there is a small freezer section in the fridges at the Pelicano… will have to double-check that!

Martian, the hard ones I could see, but the gel packs … I dunno.

Any liquid (gel or otherwise, to the best of my knowledge), MUST be below 100 ML in size.

I DO stand to be corrected here.

If it for keeping items cool. May I sugest you take some freezer strength zip lock bags. Get ice from the bar and use that to keep items cool. You save on weight and any worry. Our fridge had a weeeeee freezer but for the whole week it never made ice.

And on the way home you can use it to carry wet items

cigarnewf, the 100 ml whoopla is for carry-on luggage, not checked luggage…

We always bring small ice packs in our checked luggage and never had any problems. We usually take a small collapsible cooler as well. Any refrigerator that we had at Pelicano Cayo Largo had a small freezer. Actually a lot of the time we just froze a couple of 500 mL water bottles and used them as ice packs. You can freeze tetra packs of juice as well to use as ice packs and then they are cold enough for to drink on your picnic lunch.

Most of the other hotels in Cuba that we visited had small freezers in the refrigerators as well.

I swear I read “Carry-on” and not “Checked”!!! :-/

Jim will read more & post less!
Jim will read more & post less!
Jim will read more & post less!
Jim will read more & post less!

Thanks for all the positive responses.

The ice packs will be in my checked luggage along with another collapsible cooler. They are not for me, they are for a friend to whom I gave a small cooler last year. She loved it!! I just packed some ice from the hotel in zip lock bags, but she has a small fridge with a freezer and the packs may be easier/more convenient for her than freezing water in zip lock bags.

I like the idea of freezing the water bottles tho’–never thought of that. They might last even longer than the ice packs!

I put some of my medication into plastic bags with 4- 5 “Ice Packs” in my carry-on…
So far I have never had a problem …