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IceCream at the Bahia Principe Ambar or otherside?

I know this might seem silly, but seeing that the Moon Palace Resort is going to have a ice cream parlor and last year at EdenH they had a ice cream machine(although they moved it half way through my stay to the VIP section which I wasn’t happy about, but still snuck a few anyways) I was wondering if the Bahia has this?

I remember at the buffet’s I think they had it…but anywhere else?? Thanks…

At the buffets and a la cartes you could get ice cream for dessert.
I don’t remember seeing an ice cream parlor on the resort.
I could have missed it thou !!!

When are yo heading down to the Ambar monctonguy, my sister is from Moncton also and we are heading down the 23 March till 06 Apr. for 2 fabulous weeks, we went last year same place and loved it.
You will not be disappointed.

They didn’t even have it at the beach buffets on the family side.

I am disapointed…it was a nice touch at edenH…oh well, maybe they will add it before April 12-19th when we are going to be there… ???

Hey, Monctonguy;

I’ll personally write the resort and request this for you.I have a buddy that works there now so he may put in a good word.
By the way, was that you I saw on the Eden beach last year slurping down that 4litre jug of the white stuff??

Hey Greaseball…it probably was…

you know someone at the Bahia?..

The Bahia Principe Tulum ( in The Riviera Mayan) had a self serve ice cream bar…
vanilla. chocolate and swirled…
maybe it will be the same at Bahia Principe Ambar.