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Ideas for Hallowe'en at Bavaro Princess


My family will be at The Bavaro Princess from the 29th of October to November 6th…
And, as some of you already know, my daughters ( ages 12 and 9) were shocked and horrified that we will be away for Hallowe’en…
I have been in contact with Leonardo, at Bavaro Princess, asking what they do for Hallowe’en…
He replied that it is not a big deal there, but he asked for ideas and suggestions about what the resort could do for people who will be there at the time, who are used to celebrating Hallowe’en…
Anyone want to contribute?


Why not talk Leonardo into allowing guests to dressup and put on an amateur night on stage before the entertainment.

Look forward to your review and pictures when you return as I will be going two weeks after.


Maybe at one of the night shows they could dress up in different costumes? Some how try to make it a halloween show for the children? I would say the staff could give out candy, but I don’t know if they would provide it? Maybe you could bring some with you and give it to Leonardo so he could decide on what to do :-/
Sorry I don’t have more solutions!
Cin :-/


I think that Cin has a the right idea by the staff handing out candy on stage. But you will probably have to bring the candy with you and supply the resort because I don’t know if they will have candy to give away.

They should have a Halloween contest for the best costume but guests will have trouble dressing up since they would have not known about this contest until they arrive at the resort.

It’s a tough thing to do…but good luck!


I imagine they do great carvings on gourds etc like other hotels. You could email him some pics of pumpkins and I’m sure they’d get a kick out of carving something halloweeny for the buffet. Bring down some of that spider web stuff and a few cheapo spiders and masks. Britain and France are getting into the halloween spirit a lot more and I imagine they would get a kick out of some sort of halloween evening. Maybe the childrens club could do something too - decorations, masks. The animation team would probably be a good bet to get things started. Bring down some cheap dollar store Halloween stickers and hand them out to stick on themselves or things. Any little thing would make the day a bit special…good luck and have fun! Wow, you’re so close to me…if you were leaving earlier I could almost go and wave goodbye to you!


Those are great ideas. You could also buy/compile a CD with Hallowe’en type tunes, scary music etc. How about-Werewolf in London, Bad Moon Rising, Coming to take me away, Careful with that Axe Eugene (Pink Floyd). Bet if you did a search you would find a lot of fitting tunes.

If you have a Value Village near you they have a lot of great masks etc. Dollar stores will have lots of the spider web stuff (that is very light to pack). Carving gourds-fantastic idea and I am sure the staff will have a few tricks of their own.


KAOSandMe: why don’t you and your better half or are you the better half dress up as The Dog the Bounty Hunter and you could be Mrs. Dog. ;D ;D ;D ;D


stillgotit, I think you have a tongue lashing coming. :wink:

and a m :oderat :or at that


Oh I don’t know about a tongue lashing because the better half,oops, the not so better half, loves the Dog. But I don’t think she likes Mrs. Dog the Bounty Hunter . But can you just imagine her dressed up as her. After all it would be Halloween ;D ;D ;D ;D


I have two words for you with regards to Dog and Mrs Dog…
uh, ewwwww…


Well I’ve had time to rethink this, you couldn’t be Mrs. Dog because she is one mean ugly woman who has no shape or form. While you on the other hand are a very attractive shapely young lady. Did I get myself out of the “dog” house with that statement? :’( :’(


You sure did, bra


Why doesn’t hubby go as a hockey player and you go as the goalie? Have your children dress up as wild and crazy fans ;D ;D ;D


Build a sand jack-o-lantern!


DancingBarefoot, That’s an Excellent Idea!!! :smiley:
Maybe the staff and family could be on the same team and compete against each other!
KaosandMe, I think thats one of the best ideas yet. You should think about it!
Cin :smiley: