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Identify This Cute Critter?

Came across this little guy while in Santa Maria last week. Can anyone put a name to him?

Look at the size of his head, I would name him “do not get to close”

Coming across this “Cute critter” would absolutely, without a doubt, make our trip, “the best trip EVER!” for our 9 year old son. We’re going in May…I hope the “critter” hangs around. He doesn’t even have to be named. “Lizzard” will do.

He’ll love the pic when I show him in the A.M.

LOL suntan, I wish I had of gotten a picture of his teeth, they were equally impressive. The gardener said he was on the endangered species list. After the photo op., he relocated him somewhere away from people.

Great photo! Lucky you!
And good job for the gardener in recognizing the importance of this little guy.
Hope someone comes up with a name soon.

Hi mdh,
He is a Knight Anole (Anolis Equestris) The largest :o of the Anolis species. Head is large and bony. Strong jaws. Most active during the day. Generally very calm & shy. His colours can change according to the environment so he can blend in better.

He can grow 13-19 inches long. Commonly found under shady areas of trees. Has special pads on his feet to climb vertically and even upside-down.

Conservation status: Not Protected.

Great photo. I almost thought it was ‘fake’ the colours are so brilliant.

What camera & lens did you use?

kind of cool seeing critters like that, very colorful, but I don’t think I’d pick him up, I’d let the gardener do that, looks like he could bite off a finger
Great picture, thanks for sharing

Tanlines - Thank you so much for identifying him. We were so fascinated by him, it is cool to be able to learn a little more about him.

Lavandula - Good luck with your lizard seaching, and hope you have a great vacation.

Canucks - The photo was taken with an inexpensive digital camera - Cannon PowerShot A540. A great little camera for the price.

Thank you all for your replies.