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If not Cuba, then where?


So if for some reason you could not go to Cuba on vacation, what would be your other choices?


Mexico, Roatan, Costa Rica


mexico or las vegas


El Salvador
Costa Rica
Turks & Caicos


The kids there really need help and our airlines, when asked, will give extra baggage allowances for humanitarian aid.
Better yet, there’s no hassle at the airport when bringing in a duffel full of scribblers and school supplies and Crocs. :wink:

If you decide to go to Dominican Republic, PM me for a letter from Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation for free extra baggage and other details. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:




Back to England & Brittany France
Costa Rica


Cambodia, Mexico


So, I’ve changed my mind on a replacement for Cuba. After checking out the cost of going to Anguilla, from Vancouver, realized, again, that living out here has it’s drawbacks when trying to travel to the Caribbean. No direct access = long travel times, multiple connections = $$$. Since we aren’t interested in Mexico or Hawaii, which have direct access, I think we’d go back to cruising.
So, for sun destinations, I hope we don’t loose Cuba :’(


If I wanted the same weather, I would go back to Mayan Riviera anytime the price was a few hundred higher than Cuba for a 4* or better. The food is so much better, service so much better and we felt perfectly safe at all times, even on the collectivo (local transportation). Other areas in Cuba, or even Cancun, not so much. Only downside is that resorts are huge but you tend to find your own smaller areas anyway, so it’s a bonus to have a dozen choices of places to eat.

We chose to go to Italy for 2 weeks instead of Cuba this year. Need to cross off a few things on my bucket list. If the prices in Cuba are really cheap in Jan., we may get there for a week but it will be last minute based on cheap, cheap, cheap.


Probably Mexico.


Heading out to Montego Bay, Jamaica in January/2013. After going to Cuba for the last four years in a row, decided on a change after a great package deal came up. I will definitely miss not going to Cuba.


Turks & Caicos is super if you like to snorkel and scuba dive, and it has wonderful beaches. But absolutely no match for Cuba as far as the people, music and atmosphere go.


Maldives everytime ;D


I’d go back to my first “love” - Puerto Vallarta Mexico. But unfortunately my partner refuses to go anywhere near Mexico “sigh”.

If I could afford it - St. John in the USVI, or Tortola.


Huatulco or Isla Mujeres, Mexico


back to the gran ventana in puerto plata after twice in cuba… good but not great


Anguilla, Maldives or Bora Bora…IF money was no problem…LOL

  1. Roatan 2. Mayan Riviera 3. Panama


I enjoyed Akumal Beach Resort in the Mayan Riviera, and would return there. I am also interested in Roatan, for the snorkelling, and Huatulco is another place I wouldn’t mind trying.