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If one person cancels but other goes


Here is the problem that might be happening.My wife and I and My brother and a good friend are headed down to the pallidum in April.We just found out the friend may have to cancel(he does have cancellation insurance)Does my brother still get a room to himself or will he have to change his plans or room as the rooms are for double occupancey.


This is just a guess on my part I would think he might have to pay the solo sur charge. I shouldn’t be over $200 dollars. That is what I pay when I travel alone about $200 over the per person price.

The best thing would be to talk to your travel agent.

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It is my understanding that if your roommate cancels, you have the option of cancelling too or paying the single supplement which can be quite costly. On one vacation my husband took ill a couple of weeks prior to departure and we thought he wasn’t going to be able to go with us. We had the kids booked in one room and us in another, so our choice was for me to double up with the kids and pay the triple rate. As luck would have it, my husband rebounded and we had a great time. I would check with the travel agent who sold you the package because each tour operator and hotel have different policies. Good luck.


Perhaps I’m having a wrong take on this, but I’m thinking that they are already well within the date range where it is too late to cancel via the tour operator, no?

So, in this case, wouldn’t the travel insurance kick-in and reimburse the friend for his share, the tour operator/hotel would therefore keep the originally paid money as usual, and the brother would go alone without any extra cost?


That is what I was expecting.The insurance would pay the resort for our friend for cancelling and my brother would stay in the room by himself with no extra cost to him…Will have to give TA a call


Alright, here’s the deal as it was explained to me very recently…

We had to cancel our DR trip (should have been leaving this Thursday :’() as my husband has been ill and required surgery that left him unfit to travel. We obviously cancelled outright. BUT, I did have the option of going on my own, in which case our insurance coverage would have paid the single supplement charges I would have incurred in going solo.

Regarding the OP’s situation, your brother would need to have purchased his own travel insurance, as it would actually be his policy covering him in the event of his travel partners’s cancelation, not his travel partner’s (that was a mouthful, lol).

Not sure if this is standard for all insurance providers; we use Manulife Global.

Again, this is my understanding of the explanation I received; check with your insurance provider.


It has alot to do with what comapny your insurance is with. Unless you are the person who cannot travel, and can get your doctor to fill out the paperwork, it is a touchy situation! It will basicly depends on who you get for an adjuster which is the luck of the drawl.

Good luck!


Actually, it’s not about the adjuster at all, but rather the coverage.

From Manulife’s policy:

“If your travel companion must cancel their trip due to a covered event applicable to them, and you decide to go on your trip as planned, we will cover the cost of the next occupancy charge up to the covered amount.”

Now the catch is that your travel companion must be cancelling for a reason that is included in the insurance provider’s list of acceptable/insured reasons to cancel.

Fun stuff. NOT!