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If someone took the time


And set up another forum at say another domain totally unassociated with this site, would…

1/ The banter people flock to it?

2/ Would the powers that be allow this new forum to have a link to it from here?

If both questions are answered in the positive… we “could” be up and running in a few days again.

Those of you who make these decisions, please decide.




Not sure who makes the decisions, but " if you build it, they will come." :slight_smile:

At least I would.



Remember where we went while we were upgrading to v4, http://onlinedr.proboards18.com/index.cgi

That link still works for the time being… if anyone is interested



Well it looks as if the other board that sat active for 4 months has suddenly gone into Maintainence Mode effectively preventing us form using that location… I’llbe exploring other options over the weekend if thats what the banter people wish.



Let us know what you find out.


If we get a response from the admins about the link then we can proceed.

I might be able to help out with this one.

I just don’t know if we really need it or not.


I have been informed that the set up and maintain of your own forum elsewhere you can do so but Debbies will not link in it anywhere.
I miss it to but there was to much bull going on in there. It was a tough enough job for the Mods. and Admin. to keep the other forums going to be have to edit and look after the Bar Room forum.


I was hoping I would have been informed of that …In retrospect…it seems that none of the admin/mod people really want anything to do with the bar room, and without it being linked from this site so everyone has a chance to participate, I don’t think it is worth my time to organize something that really isn’t needed or wanted by a majority of the members here…

Case closed on my end, thanks for the input



I have to agree that without a link it is not worth our time to proceed with it.

I think the members liked having a place to get to know each other better but it was not always used for that.
So it is gone.

All done on this subject now.


If you still want to get to know each other you can always go to the Chat Room.


The problem with the chat room is members are from all over the world and people cannot be on there at the same time and as far as i can see it does not save the text for you to see later.

no big deal.


It was just an idea I thought might help but I guess it didn’t. :’( :’( :’(


Stillgotit - I thought that it was a good idea. It’ll give everyone on the boards a chance to meet different people than they normally communicate with. Depending on when you log on there would likely always be something new being discussed.


Just a thought…

While doing some surfing I stumbled across another board:

Of course I am still loyal to Debbie’s, but it is good to have options/varieties of opinions. They appear to have a general board, which I am trying to get clarification on. We shall see…


[b]While this board is undoubtedly a great venue to talk to Rafael and get his opinions, with only 8 members (when I checked) you won’t get the diverse opinions and experiences that you do here and elsewhere. This is not a negative but just have realistic expectations about what you will get from the various travel boards.

Mi dos pesos.



Absolutely agree Gregg. From what I understand this is a new board that he is trying to get up & running. I’m sure that once it is, it will be another great resource.
Can there be too much info/chatter about the DR?! I think not! :wink:


[quote author=travelbugg board=general thread=1129252544 post=1129479007]Absolutely agree Gregg. From what I understand this is a new board that he is trying to get up & running. I’m sure that once it is, it will be another great resource.
Can there be too much info/chatter about the DR?! I think not! ;)[/quote]

I too signed up with that Forum to see if different information can ultimately be gleaned, since it is DR based. DR1 is great for that too, but (Gregg, you may know to what I refer when I say) maybe the new Forum will attract fewer jaded members! I’m maintaining a wait-and-see attitude but like the fact that the Mod and Admin is/are in the country itself. I would say that its future is in the hands of the Mod and members.



Debbies should just bring back the banter…


Won’t happen! There has been a new forum started by
SouthernNBer who has just asked me to lock this post down.