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If you have craving to hear sounds of waves on the beach

Than you should be good with this YouTube video taken on Cayo Largo beach in Cuba. Just click play and enjoy 8 minutes of soothing and relaxing sea music.

Love it! Almost dozed off in front of the computer…very relaxing. Thanks.

Thanks so much: I could be your next roving videographer if you send me to Cuba - you pick the location. But eeeefarm would have to come for the stills. I am sure she would be agreeable; and it would give her and I a much needed break. Not to mention you have two talented girls here (her more so then me - credit where credit is due!). Of course as our employer you would pick up the travel tab, but she would create perfect shots; and I would stabilize the tripod so that camera wouldn’t blow or tip over in the wind while I take a nap. Let me know if you like my idea - I am flexible with my schedule. Not sure about eeeefarm. You’d have to contact her directly. But I’m sure something can be worked out. PLEASE do this for us.

sund0g I think you should click and play that video and listen sound of waves :slight_smile: lol I think you are missing one week of vacation :slight_smile:

All expenses paid, I’m in!! :smiley:

Thanks Admin.
I do insist on verifying the authenticity of that video …. in about two weeks, LOL

I am glad that some of you find this video from Cayo Largo useful :slight_smile:

[font size=“3”]Thank you…I had a very stress filled Tuesday and 3 repeats of this 8 min did wonders[/font]

You are very welcome! I would sit on the chair next to the sea and just listen sound of waves. They might sound the same but every time wave hits the beach I realized that sound is bit different from the previous one.