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IFA Villas Bavaro

second time around was great weather was great all 7 days only rain 10 mins. one night…no bugs…entienment was great… food was good…Saona Island was good got pictures…all in all was a great week…any question feel free to ask…

Do you know if they have adjoining or inter connecting rooms in the IFA villas,

not that i know… but i don’t think they do the way things are layed out

I went there in 2006 but stayed at the IFA Bavaro Village! I enjoyed it very much!

Been there a few times and there are no connecting rooms in all 3 sections the Villas, Village and Ocean building.

Hope this helps

thank you very much, this helps in our decision, we would really want a place we could at least request inter connecting rooms as we have a 13 and 14 year old