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I just got back from another week of independent travel in Santiago de Cuba. What a blast. There have been a few changes such as fewer things in the stores but the prices have returned to just about the level of before the two “cyclones”. The Cubans joke about having suffered two devastating hurricanes this year… Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Chino (Raul Castro). You got to love a group of people who can still joke after all that has happened to them in 2008.
There are also some NEW REGULATIONS about the donation of medical supplies and medicines in Santiago. EVERY TIME I GO there are NEW regulations in place. I swear that Cuban Bureaucrats are paid by the number of rules and regs they can put into place… not by how useful they are to the Cuban people. These turkeys make our CCRA people look positively…well…nice!!! ;D ;D
When I get my thoughts together, I will post a story about that adventure. Que Rico!!!
(God I hope nobody here works for the CCRA or I’m going to get audited for the past 25 years!!!) :o ::slight_smile: :-*

Welcome back, buddy. M-babe says hi too.

look forward to your saga …

Welcome back Randy!

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting patiently for your stories and the Kleenex box is close at hand because I know I’ll be laughing so hard as to be crying.

Let the fun begin!

Hey Rainbow

Welcome back from your latest adventure.

I am sure you had a blast as always. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Welcome back Rainbow. Darn, wish I had known you were going to Stg de Cuba, I would have mailed a letter to you for my goddaughter. I don’t get a chance to send her things, and her birthday is in March…oh well, snail mail.

Welcome Back!
Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

Rainbow - looking forward to your story. AND I work for CCRA, but you’re lucky we can only go back 7 years!!! :o ;D (Not)