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I'm home!


Hola amigos!

We made it home safely from Punta Cana - happy to see that the weather here in Hamilton is still lovely and fairly warm. We landed in Toronto yesterday and spent the night at the Toronto Airport Marriott (lovely hotel - I’ll be writing a review for Debbie’s new site). I’m on quite a roll - we got back to the house not quite 2 hours ago and I’ve already got the second load of laundry in and the suitcases have been cleaned out and put away. I’m off to download my photos now (Lyndsey, you’ll be proud - I think I took just as many photos of food as I did of us and the resort!) I have tomorrow off work so I’m hoping to have them ready for viewing on Webshots by tomorrow night. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone!

Adios ~ Ginny


Hey Ginny,

Hope you had a wonderful week.
Welcome back! :sunglasses:


AHHHHHH MAN!!! Another one gone on a trip…Im Jealous!!

Hope you had a good time.


Welcome back. I can’t wait to see pictures of food. I believe baltobabe had an album of food and my friends and I were drooling over it. It will be good to see food from the resort that we will be staying at next year.

Can’t wait to also read your review.

Glad to hear you made it home safe and had an excellent time!


Welcome Home Ginny!!!
Hard to believe how fast time flys when your in such a beautiful place. :’(
Can’t wait to view your Pictures,
Cin :wink: