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Immunizations required for Cuba?

I called my doctor’s office and they said there are no immunizations required for Cuba (other countries in the Caribbean, yes, but not Cuba). Anyone have a differing opinion?

Twinrix (hepatitis a & b) isn’t a bad idea. It was recommended to me by a communicable disease specialist. Unlike the DR, there is no concern about malaria in Cuba at this time.

BTW, a travel clinic is a better source for information of this type than your doctor…many doctors are not up to date with current recommendations.

I work at a health unit where we give travel recommendations…for cuba…Hep A is recommended for all travellers (spread by contaminated food or water) and hep B is up to the person depending on their personal risks (spread by blood and body fluids). You could consider just the hep A (havrix) if you feel you are not at risk for Hep B. Otherwise, if you want both and have never received Hep B before (depending on your age some got it in school) you could consider the twinrix.

BTW, eeeefarm…you are absolutely right about the docs…they call us most of the time fo the most current info.

BTW…haligonian…these are just recommendations…your doctor is right there are no REQUIRED vaccines for Cuba.

Although it is a personal choice as to what needles etc… you get my Doctor did recommend that our whole family receive “TwinRix”, especially if we are spending time off of the resort and in Casas.

Our Family also take Dukoral a couple of weeks before the trip and the last dose a week before we travel.

I always lean on the side of caution so we keep shots up to date. :wink: A simple blood test will tell you if you need a booster for hep after you have received the original shots.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to have the Hep. A shot even if you never leave Canada…from what I understand from my friend who is a hepatologist, the risk is roughly similar in Cuba, which is to say it’s present but not omnipresent. I got the Twinrix shots. My daughter already had the Hep. B shot at school so she only needed to get the Hep. A portion from our doctor–if you live in a place where kids now get Hep. B shots in school then you might want to take that into consideration before getting Twinrix for them–they may not need it.

Another vaccination that is recommended (but not required) in Canada as well as for traveling anywhere is tetanus. The vaccination is good for ten years …

we have had the twinrix vaccinations… and this year my 12 and 14 yrs sons are coming for the first time… they were immunized through school for hep b… and we just got a prescriptioin for havrix and had then vaccinated for that… better to be safe then sorry…