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In DR over Easter holiday

I’ve been hearing that in DR at Easter - all beaches are open to all public… so if we’re there at that time, on the beach would be all the general population… is this true??

All the beaches are open to the public all the time. Easter being a major holiday in the DR, yes you’ll find more local people taking advantage of it.

Thank you.

We have gone the past few years around the easter season, and really haven’t noticed a difference to be honest. Perhaps in some areas more than others you would…?

That being said I know I was concerned the 1st time as well about less activities, crowded beaches etc…but has never been a issue in the couple of times we have been there during the holidays.

We also travel at Easter, we like to fly on Good Friday, however, Saturday this year was several hundred $ cheaper so it’s April 11th. This will be our forth Easter, except for motorized sports the remainder is all up and running.

xtanker, I am going to miss you in POP by 2 days!!! we come home on the 9th…

As it has been previously stated all beaches are open to the public. Likewise many of the locals do get day passes to go onto the resorts as well. It is so nice to meet these lovely people and sit down by the pool, bars or restaurants and just talk to them about anything and everything. Of course not all resorts allow day passes to be issued but I would think the majority of them do. Another point I should make is that a lot of the fine people of the D.R. cannot afford to go to these AI as it can be very expensive for them.

Hula, I noticed that on one of you earler post’s when I looked at you trip countdown. O well, maybe in November. Cheers

We were in PC last year for Easter.

We had a lot of locals at our resort over the weekend… at the pools mostly.