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In shape for Cuba?


Personally, I work out 3x a week because I’m menopausal and I have to! (shades of Maxine!) >:(
Seriously, exercising just makes me FEEL better. Nuff said. And I have the abs to prove it (although they are nicely nestled under my 5o-sumthin’ mummy tummy! ;D

I’m comfortable enough in my skin to show off my six-pack abs. (actually there’s 3 six-packs, a few roast beef dinners, 2 bottles of rum and an evening of half price wings). I’m still comfortable, and full.
One month of exercise will not help much.

With a ‘certain age’ comes wisdom (I hope)…I refuse to be anything but ‘kind’ to myself…I’m not a ‘size 0’ (far from it!) I would be considered 'borderline plus size??? '
I exercise regularly (cardio &weights) and do lots of outdoor activites. Agree with zen…I feel better when I exercise :stuck_out_tongue: and it is a great stress-buster… ;D
I know I have a ‘hard body’ underneath that extra 20 lbs. I just keep making little changes for the better. Afterall, it has to be a ‘lifestyle change’ not a drastic thing that I can’t stick with…right ???

I am actually trying to loose an inch or 2 before going. But I am always doing that after a long hard winter. Comfort foods add on the inches and all those large sweaters make it easier to forget about. But I am thankful that it is not hard for me to do. I exercise daily also. But not in a gym but lifting and running after kids all day long is good exercise. Hey as long as I am laying down in a lounger everyone will see a flat belly.

ROFL BigJohn!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: You should really do stand-up (or better yet, run for office) And I suppose you don’t cry either? (losing Grey Cup doesn’t count) :-*

Tanlines, good for you. It’s with baby steps that you will succeed. Making gradual, healthy changes are the way to go! :slight_smile:

oops, make that IZ da way ta go

I always say, "There are people who are more fit than I am with clothes on. There are people less fit than I am with clothes on. I still go out every day with clothes on, so who cares about a bathing suit?"
I never stress! I go to have fun, relax, and have a few bevies. It’s all in the name of having a good time!

i go to the gym 6 days a week 50 weeks a year but i do try to lose 10 pounds that i really dont have there to lose but i do it because of all the food i eat and beer i drink in cuba so when i get home i am the weight i should be

I’m in shape.

Round is a shape, right?

Actually, right now I’m kind of ashamed of myself. I had lost ~ 120 lbs (reached goal january 07) and several stressful life changes over the past 8 months have put about 25 lbs back on. So, I’ll enjoy myself the week in Cuba coming up and then, back hard at it.

Many cuban women were the beneficiary of clothes that no longer fit. My gain is their gain… It’s how you feel inside that counts, but it is nice for the zipper on my dress not to unzip when I inhale!

Same with my shorts. Believe me!

My diet and exercise regimen isn’t predicated on a vacation but on an every day lifestyle. As the OP mentioned, once you hit a “certain” age, regular exercise and a healthy diet just make you feel better. As long as my hubby is happy with how I look, and vice versa, that’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:

Adventure Race season starts up shortly after our trip to Cuba, so in addition to trying to lessen the love handles I’m also motivated get in shape to race. The moral of my story is: the only way to get my butt off the couch is to dangle two carrots in front of me - or make that cervezas.

[quote=@cigarnewf]I’m in shape.

Round is a shape, right?.. [/quote]

It is in my books! :wink:

I am usually not worried about it much … except this year. I had blossomed out of all my clothes. So it was either loose wieght or have to go naked everyday … so I have managed to drop 20 lbs this year.

For anyone so inclined to either run or show support … Cuba’s annual Terry Fox Run in support of cancer research will take place on Saturday, March 21st. The starting line is at the Capitolio in Old Havana. I think that Cuba has the largest Terry Fox Run outside of Canada.

We would all like to be thinner but to echo a previous poster,
so long as we like each other than that is all that matters.
We are both over 50 , so anyone that don’t like it can kiss,

See ya’ll at the bar and beach

I work out regular 5 days per week throughout the year.This is a lifestyle I have always been committed to, But being over 50 with a slower metabolism I would,t consider myself to look in great shape but more managing bulges.
I do usually increase workouts prior to vacationing only because I know during that time I become the laziest beer drinking,food gorging person on the beach.
Up 4 pounds from last trip and paying the price. Life is great

Love me the way I am ;D. Good thing my wife does the shopping (I’m not allowed). It’s the only reason I eat healthy because I love all the bad stuff. The latest thing I keep hearing from her is now that it’s light out I should get out and walk. Yeah, yeah…tomorrow :wink:

[quote=@hnd]I work out regular 5 days per week throughout the year.This is a lifestyle I have always been committed to, But being over 50 with a slower metabolism I would,t consider myself to look in great shape but more managing bulges.


I am with you on the lifestyle thingy. Last year I gained about 5 lbs during our 2 week stay in Cuba. I am sure it would have been more but for staying active while being there. For me letting out my ‘not so inner child’ is as an essential part of my vacation as great snorkeling and a ‘healthy’ supply of Daiquiri’s…:).

This year I am still on the mend from a back injury and not yet rid of the ‘few’ extra pounds I gained in the recovery process. Still when I am on vacation I am ON VACATION. Whatever I gain in Cuba will be long gone by the middle of summer once I am well into cycling season. Nothing like a ‘few’ brisk 40K rides to drop a few pounds.

Humm… how many sleeps until I am back on the beach in Cuba…:slight_smile: