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Increase in spam?

Not sure if it’s just me but I’ve been getting a noticeable increase in spam in my email the past week or so. I’ve changed my spam filter settings.

Is it because of the increased traffic here or perhaps due to many of the threads from Debbie’s being directly linked to the ForumCuba Facebook page?

Anyone else?

Hello YVRck. Can you please explain and tell us what email you are receiving spam? for example on your gmail or hotmail account? Where spam comes from?

The hotmail account I use for Debbie’s & ForumCuba.

It’s annoying but not life threatening so I’ll deal with it. I was just curious.

You have an option only emails from your contact list can send you an email. So for example you can put Debbie’s on your contact list and your friends and everything else will go to spam folder. So you take a peek and check your spam folder once per week to see if anything is there. I don’t believe that there is any connection with our forums. Let me know if I can help more.

No increase for me

I receive many spam emails but they all go into spam folder. I find gmail so far has the best email system of all email companies. Zero spam in my inbox.

No spam in my gmail accounts either. Love gmail!!

Thought it may have had something to do with the direct thread links to Facebook. I’m not much of a FB fan!

Revisited my hotmail account settings. It’s all good!

Good :slight_smile: glad that you are good now YVRck

I have been getting a lot of spam on hotmail but it started before I found the new debbies, change settings???

[quote=@busman7]I have been getting a lot of spam on hotmail but it started before I found the new debbies, change settings???

I have setting in hotmail that only people on my contact list can email me. So change settings or change email provider and go with gmail. I know is not easy to change email just like that but gmail is much better. That is the reason I have gmail and hotmail.

I have gmail for the business but use hotmail for general mail, find the contact only setting too restrictive though, just keep blocking the spammers and hope they get tired of it eventually.

Thanks Dave!

Not just the spammers I’m hoping will get tired of it eventually :wink: :-X