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Increased fees

If you are staying over 30 days you need to pay an extra 800 peso’s, after 9 months 1000 peso’s and 1 year 2500 peso’s, and on and on. Compared to some other countries i’m told it is really not that bad.

I stayed in the D.R. for over a year without residencia and when I went to the airport I admitted to 30 days and they charged me 500 pesos. Everything is ambiguous in the D.R. so do as they do at the airport security…LIE!

Here are the actual numbers from the Direccion General de Migración website today…

De 30 días a 3 meses - RD $800.00

De 3 meses a 9 meses - RD $1,000.00

De 9 meses a 1 año - RD $2,500.00

De 1 año a 1 año y 6 meses - RD $4,000.00

De 1 año y 6 meses a 2 años - RD $5,000.00

De 2 años a 2 años y 6 meses - RD $6,500.00

De 2 años y 6 meses a 3 años - RD $9,000.00

De 3 años a 5 años - RD $14,000.00

De 5 años en adelante - RD $17,000.00

Phil, not a great example for your next generation, n’est pas…

Although I do expect (and hope) there was a bit of hyperbole in your posting.


Lord, grant me 3 months in the DR (January, February and March) and I’ll pay the RD$800 with a huge smile! :sunglasses:


I suppose you are correct and we all should be honest and respect the laws and regulations of your host country. However, after living there for extended periods of time and constantly getting hustled turn about just seemed like the thing to do. I also remember that there was no paperwork involved so the 500 pesos went into the pocket of the inspector.