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Inexpensive Resorts..but GRRRRREAT!

I want to take my wife to a resort to recuperate from surgery. I am not rich however ( my stocks etc have tanked, yippee). would anyone care to give me some information. Last time we went was the Bahia Principe Ambar. Nice but expensive and with the new changes to restaurants, do not really want to go there. So, I am open to just about anything else.

thanx, lots

we just got a good deal on Dreams La Romana

Hola: We went to Punta Cana Princess last November. It was great. Adults only with use of the 2 adjoining resorts (Caribe & Tropical) Princess. It is quiet, great service, and great food (for us).
We may even go back again this November.

Great place to do any recuperation.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs

Well I would have to disagree with the Maineacs, we have been to the DR,over 25 times, we went to the Punta Cana Princess in Oct, neither one of us like it much at all, and would not return to this resort. first too large not sure what your wife is recovering from . We were close to the beach so we did not have to take the trolly train there . but for supper or just to get to the reception we did. I thought the food was dreadful and I am Not a fussy eater at all, food seemed like left-overs day in day out, I was sick twice in 1 week and not from drinks( maybe I should have) food was cold or luke warm . everybody to their own but this is the last plce that I would want to recover in . Sorry but I think you can do better for the same price.

Also have been to PUJ over 25 times - Stayed once at the caribe princess and ended up getting moved the the RIU.

We did not like care about the reception being (I estimate) 1 klm away from the rooms. Not sure best place to go recuperate from surgery.

Me dos pesos…

eltigre62, don’t know what Resort you are talking about but the Punta Cana Princess is a small resort, no trolleys, trains etc. required, it’s a total of about 5 minutes walk to anywhere in the whole resort from beach to lobby. (I think total number of rooms is 270ish).

I agree with the Maineacs, this is a great little resort for surgery recovery, just request ground floor then she will not have one stair to worry about. The A la Cartes are also walk in, no reservations required. Food good, beach beautiful, staff wonderful.

You can’t go wrong with this one and being Adults only is great too and fairly reasonably priced. If you want child activity just go next door to the Caribe/Tropical (they will drive you round in their little golf cart).

(edited to add)
Domingos, the Caribe is a sister Resort of the PCP and yes, it is a long walk from Beach to Lobby, it’s also not Adults only. The PCP can use the facilities next door but they cannot use the PCP.

Have a great one wherever you decide. (Been there 3 times and it’s great).

Probably thinking of the Bavaro Princess which is huge.

I would say, try somthing on the north coast. The prices are better than punta cana, and the resorts are all pretty nice.

I would totally agree with MissyD on the choice of the Punta Cana Princess. Right now it has some very good pricing out there.

i would name the PCP a swet lil adults only property, nice quiet and easy to go around, perfect for a recovery. if you look for top rates you may also consider the Carabela, not a top notch spot, but small, very easy to go around, decent clean rooms, average food with good selection, and available for top rates. i booked today friends of us there for this upcoming easter week weekend, we are talking one of the most expensive weekends of the year, just $85.- per piece per night. i know hotels who want to get that amount just for a simple daypass, ha ha.
and mid may throu low season of course we will spend again a 2 weeks there for our anniversary. but like i said above, not a top notch spot, but clean, very friendly, small, 3 pools with bars, comfo jacuzzi in the junior suites, top rates, i don’t ask for more for a getaway.
happy travel

Hey !sorry every one, my mistake, Bob from Canada is correct, I was thinking of the Bavaro Princess, my apologies , maybe just missin the D.R. weather sunshine and heat ,so sorry.

I recommend Punta Cana Princess as well
Great resort/ great beach/ ideal for r&r :slight_smile:

what sunshine???
we started nice again today, but since several hours we sorrily get that cold front in over here, my wifey thinks about a snowstorm coming up, ha ha.
we have a heavy wind blowing over PC right now and it sorrily will stick wiyth us tomorrow, too, no fishing for me tomorrow neither, so i will spend the day in st dgo to flee the cold on the east.
there’s no prob;lem, with all those very similar resort names it is the most normal thing of the world to get them mixed up sometimes. i’ve been the last 14 years more than just once in a neighboured resort, ha ha

What mistake? The way they keep changing the names, you need a scorecard to keep track. :smiley:

Hey thanks guys , I was feeling pretty dumb , but you are absolutely right, about the name changes . every time we book, we look them over very carefully to make sure it the one. even the TA on the line at itravel get confused too , its happen to us. Mike sorry about the weather and all but at least you don’t have to put on all the heavy gear for the cold , I’m sure the weather will improve soon afterall it’s the D.R. Happy fishin!

i have all that heavy gear on, been in santo domingo today, back since around half an hour, in boots and on top of the usual clothing a thick sweater, it is freaking cold, temps dropped to around 22C on their nighttime downpoint, that’s frozen caribbean he$$.
today been too rough for fishing, looks pretty much the same for tomorrow.
but it will not last long, such a coldfront passes by quickly, you have heavy wind when going to bed and early morning the wind is dead and the Sea flat.
happy travel

22c whats that??? yesterday moring it was -29c where I live and it seemed quite balmy. one day last week it was -40c
trade places with you

he he,
when you are used to have the coffee 6AM or earlier in front of the laptop on thye Vernada such low 20’sC are COLD.
but not cold enough to make me trade places, lol