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Input for three octogenarians

Hopefully, the title grabbed your attention but I really couldn’t think of anything more catchy. ;D
I am getting ready to book a trip for myself, and my mother and her two sisters. They are all older of course, and so, I felt that I must accompany them at least for a week, to make sure they are ok. :wink:

They want to stay for two weeks and they are cheap. At the same time, they want a beautiful beach to walk upon, and good alcohol to drink. I am leaning towards the Riu Taino and I’ve been watching the prices. They do realize that you go on vacation for the beach, people, food etc…and not the rooms but I do want them to be comfortable. 3 sisters in a room for two weeks… ::slight_smile:

I’m thinking the Taino property because it is small and would likely give them easy access to all ports without having to trek quite a bit. What do you all think? Do you have any other resorts you could recommend for some elderly folk? Would you NOT recommend this hotel for them? Would they feel out of place being elderly here?
Any input greatly appreciated…

Well, the Taino isn’t that small. And they’ll have easy access to the Naiboa and the Bambu, plus at least they can walk through the two Palaces (can’t eat or drink). The whole place is relatively flat, and pretty nice, so why not?

I would recommend the Palladium Palace. Every thing is close at hand and you can enjoy the facilities at the other resorts on the property. A tram will take you to the other areas if you do not wish to walk. Good time, good food, good drinks, bin there twice. Have a great vacation!

I second that. It has everything that everyone needs.

Thanks everyone! :smiley: We’re going to book today.

Great. Please send Debbie a review when you get back.