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Interesting article



Margolis is right more often than wrong.


It sure is an interesting look at the future of Cuba; good article thanks as for Venezuela ya thay could be in a mess of trouble sooner than later… the power of the Black gold!


Hinges on “If Chavez loses his fight with cancer” says it all.
Let’s enjoy Cuba while we can.


I see the thread I opened on Trip Advisor on the same subject has disappeared without a trace. ;D

Don’t have to go to Cuba to encounter dictators. Silly, too, because this is definitely travel related…


We have a Palapa for that!


Another analysis that I read, reckoned that if there were an election soon, that would be good for Maduro as the Venezuelan opposition is still in disarray after losing the election.

On Trip Advisor, I suggested that they were trying to give us a real Cuban experience - faceless bureaucrats who would explain their actions.


??? I replied to that deleted article also. Hence the reason I am here now. That was a great article that could have an impact on vacationing in Cuba. Let’s hope not.


I realize T.A. may have deleted it as “political”, but I think it is very pertinent on a Cuba travel forum. Definitely a situation worth keeping an eye on…


I liked the way he picked up on Canada riding uncle Sam’s coattails regarding allowing Cuba into the OAS, which could lead to both Canada & the US being kicked out. :slight_smile:


Interesting article. I think it is worth noting here on the forum and is non-political, even though I dislike Eric M. and his thoughts. I have no problem with reading/listening to other opinions as long as they are not full of hatred. Can’t say that he is right more than wrong, but have to admit he was right on Afghanistan, even though I strongly disagreed with him.


He is very knowledgeable, particularly in that part of the world. He called Iraq accurately as well. Personally I like to read opinions from a wide range of sources before I make up my own mind. :slight_smile: