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Interesting article


On travel trends, destinations etc., including the DR.


Sure wish I could afford one of those 28-day packages.


You actually can, price out the Algarve and you will find 28 days is about the same as 2 weeks in PUJ,

Spend some of your money, splurge remote, live life to fullest.

It is an interesting article but does the writer actually know about places like Roatan and San Andres Island, he alludes to all these and other new destinations, which are not really new and have been carried by the major tour operators for years now. Long term stays has been on Alba tours (Sunquests) agenda for many years now.


Yes a very interesting article. The 28 day package sounds really nice. That could be an option for when we are retired.



Wud, you and other well-educated travellers would no doubt know as much or more than this writer. He probably went on one (paid) junket. LOL

Yeah, FamilyGal, something for retirement perhaps.


Don’t wait for retirement, save your leave and your money and go for four weeks now it’s well worth it. I did four weeks November 2004 and I’m planning another four weeker in Jan/Feb. I get 30 days paid leave a year, I also work flexi-time and I save every minute!

Cheers Amandalou :-*


Very interesting. I’ve got plenty of time but will have to ask the boss lady, Mrs. Stillgotit, if we have the money.