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Interesting - Will Americans Be Tourists in Cuba - Shortly?

Gordon thanks for the link. I like to read debates and rebuttals; puts a whole new perspective on issues. But after more than a 1/2 Century, a lot of Cubans don’t have the resources to begin something new and unexplored. Younger people (as everywhere) are the ones who start rebellions and education. Trying to change the minds of those who are 60 and have never known anything else is a massive task. Their upbringing was in Cuba under the Castro regime. Now that things are opening up, I think we may see a whole new perspective from the under 60 crowd.

I want to be careful not to get too political here, but it seems odd that #CubaNow seems to be giving President Obama the credit for the changes that Raul Castro has introduced. It may be that a bit more openness on the part of the US administration has had some influence on the thinking of the Cuban administration. But there is another aspect to consider. Interestingly, Raul Castro was elected as President by the National Assembly on February 24, 2008. In the six years since then, there have been changes in a number of Cuban policies. Perhaps Raul has recognized the need for some changes, and was motivated more by that than by anything to do with easing of travel restrictions by the USA.

It is clear that the embargo and travel restrictions have not caused any changes in Cuba. But it would be far better if the restrictions were removed because it is the right thing to do, not because the USA should be trying to have more influence in Cuba.

It might be China is putting pressure on the USA ???