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Internet hook up in Holguin

Just wondering if the rooms and lobbys have internet hook ups in Cuba.
More specifically does the Playa Pesquero have wireless in the lobby? or internet Hook up in the rooms.

I have not been at the Playa Pesquero since November of 2006, and unless things have changed, there is no wireless anywhere at the resort, and they do not have internet hook ups in the rooms. They do have several computers in the lobby that you can pay for to use, but be warned, they are very, very slow ! :sunglasses:


thanks for taking the time write a reply.
maybe since 2006 they have updated their internet to high speed or is this still not possible in Cuba in 2008.
hoping someone who recently returns will be able to give us an update.

I could be wrong, but I think a wireless Internet connection is wishful thinking. From my experience, even the wired lobby Internet hook-ups are tempermental (read: slow if they’re working at all).

I was at Brisas Guardalavaca about a year ago and they had two slow and less-than-reliable connections in the lobby. Factor in the sporadic line ups to use the terminals and… don’t be looking to be glued to the Internet in Cuba. It’s not worth the frustration or the money you paid to spend a week away from your daily routine.

Internet at the Blau CV was the same last year. One computer that was slow (about the same as dial-up) and there were usually a few people waiting to use it. Definitely no HS wireless.

“… maybe since 2006 they have updated their internet to high speed…”

Ald, there is no high speed Internet available for tourists anywhere in Cuba.

I agree, no high speed…but I find things are improving. My last few trips Internet access seems to have improved (notably at Cayo Santa Maria) and I don’t find the speed terrible (I have dial up at home, so I am used to “slow”). Good enough to send and receive a few emails, which is all you would want to do anyhow. Anyone who wants to spend their vacation “surfing” online instead of in the ocean should just stay home! :smiley:


Was at Playa Pesquero in September-they only have dial up connection there.


everyone, …

who took the time to reply to my question, I really appreciate it! :-* :-*
I guess the laptop is staying behind and surfing the ocean is now the plan. :sunglasses: ;D
still haven’t booked as we are still waiting for a better deal ;D ;D
thanks and happy new year to all! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Over the past couple years I’ve been to Blau CV and Playa Turquesa, they both had slow dial up, just fast enough to send an email or two home.