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Is it possible to travel strickly to lend help


Hey everyone. This question always plagues me whenever there is a “natural disaster” anywhere in the world.

I’m a Cabinetmaker by trade but I’m also well versed in construction. I always feel that my ability could be used to help others rebuild after a disaster.

Does anyone know if this is a possible way to travel or would you have to go as a vacationer and just go to an area that needs help?


Contact the Red Cross/Red Crescent or Medcines sans frontier, Doctors without borders for info.
I’d love to be able to go too. Good for you Geoff!!


For your skill set Geoff, I’d be thinking Habitat for Humanity would love to have you on their team.

Rona- a Canadian company- often donates to NGOs specializing in re-construction after a disaster has struck. Perhaps their head office could give you names of agencies they support.

When my kids were in high school, the industrial ed teachers were very involved in several trips to Cuba whereby the students actually worked during spring break. Our son helped build a new dorm for an orphanage near Cienfuegos. Again Rona was very generous in supplying tools & materials.


Thanks for the info! :-* I’ll add that to my list :sunglasses: