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Is it wiser?

We are planning on going to Cuba during the last week of October…And since we all know the stress that can come from going during the tail end of Hurracaine season…Would it be wiser to book our vaction the week we are planning on going.

My train of thought on this is that we will know where the hurracaines have hit and if any are brewing…and we won’t have to stress over being moved…

Also, this might also work out as we might be forced to go to a different part of Cuba and a different resort. We are so inclined to go back to the BJ as that is where we spent 2 weeks on our honeymoon and we are very sentimental and we had an awesome time and are so afraid to go somewhere else and spend our vacation whining about missing the BJ…

Any thoughts you would like to share…I would so appreciate it

Having had my plans changed abruptly by no less than 2 hurricanes (Ike & Poloma) this past fall, I am inclined to agree that booking last minute makes a lot of sense. OTOH, sometimes it is not at all clear what course a hurricane is going to take…a last minute turn for the worse is not unusual, and forecasting is not an exact science. I was very surprised when Poloma decided to head east! Even with my experiences, I think I would find it hard to pass up a smoking deal for a future trip in the fall if it came my way…

:slight_smile: IMHO

Follow your intuition, your on the right track


A lot will depends on you. What I mean is there are lots of people need to know exactly what to expect and a relocation or disrupted vacation would totally destroy their enjoyment of the vacation. Others can ebb and slow as needed. If a trip to Cuba turns into a week in Cancun - “no big deal”.

I was in Havana for Ike and Gustaf … for each it was a 1 1/2 or two day adventure meeting people who otherwise I would of never met …
The biggest problem was the movie channel went off for around an hour …
Cuba does their best to keep you safe and happy …

Compared to other countries, Cuba is a safer place for those who choose to visit during the Caribbean Hurricane Season from July to November, every year. ( Yes! every year )

(Worst Weather Possibilities and Best Price Deals)

Not that Cuba isn’t devastated by those storms, too.

The Cuban regional governments will forcibly move you to a safe area and try to move you back to a resort as soon as they can.

Last year, many people died in the US from Hurricanes; Haiti lost many more and other tropical isles lost more than that.

Despite 2 major direct-hit hurricanes in Cuba last fall only 2 people were killed; both, while trying to relocate a satellite dish from a roof in the middle of the storm. All the other people in that community were relocated by their government and were unharmed. Those two stayed behind to save a few bucks.

There’s a lesson in there, somewhere.

Poor, socialist countries, like Cuba, are way better for your health!
At least in a storm.

Very true, spunky. (Though the number of reported deaths was a little more than that, it was still only in single figures.)