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Is Panama safe?


Hi everyone!

I just saw a good deal for a flight to Panama City and I’m wondering if it’s safe to visit this country on our own. I’d like to spend a few days in the capital and then go to some beach for a few days. Maybe visit the rainforest and others cities. I would try to book a few hotels from Montreal but I would like to improvise a little bit… What do you think? Should I stick to an all-inclusive resort and take some tours?

Thanks everyone!

Señor Azul.


Yes it is safe…my wife and I had no problems whatsoever touring any part of the city we went to. You should always be wary wherever you are, and we were, but ran into no difficulties at all.
Others we talked to felt the same wherever they went.


We were in Panama for 2 weeks - spending most of our vacation at Royal Decameron and the last 2 nights in Panama City at their sister hotel - Royal Decapolis.

My husband went on his own by taxi to the Panama Canal (twice in one day!) - and felt very very safe. (He got delayed coming back and I was concerned but he was stuck in the Santa Claus Parade and couldn’t get across the road - ha ha!). He found the taxi drivers very friendly and helpful.

One thing we were told by someone was to be careful at the shopping mall (forget the name of it - but the least expensive one that locals use?) - to be aware of young children pickpocketing. That was the only thing I heard and we felt very very safe the whole vacation.