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Is the Gran Bahia El Portillo Ready?


I have booked to go to the Gran Bahia El Portillo on January 20 through Sunquest. The majority of the reviews that I have read so far for this resort has been from people that have booked through Air Transat Holidays. Is there anybody that booked with Sunquest that have just returned from their trip? I am just curious about the level of service as I have only traveled with Air Transat. Also, Sunquest has just put this notice on their website:

“Notice: There is a minimum availability of double beds due to renovations and waiting for more beds to arrive, in the meantime will provide cots if necessary. Date of notice: Jan. 9/07.”

It seems to me that the hotel probably did not expect to have all of the rooms booked and they are not prepared for the influx of people.


That would definitely ruin a vacation, having to sleep in a cot all week long…I’m booked with Air Transat, but I’d assume it applies to them as well…do you know if this is just for the regular rooms, or does it include the junior suite’s in the club golden package as well??


After checking with our travel agent, the cot situation only applies to regular rooms, and it seems to only affect Sunquest travellers…We were guarunteed a bed by our travel agent after speaking with an AirTransat rep


We will be visiting GBP on Jan 21st and are a little concerned about the reviews. We contacted out travel agent who contacted Air transat vacations. He was told that the resort was behind on opening and not all rooms were completed yet, and to add to the confusion they were full over Chrismas and Newyears with new staff. Air Transat insists that construction is now completed and things SHOULD be a little smoother.
Travel agent has people there this week, he will be contacting us after talking to them to see if things have changed.


donaldka-I too booked through Sunquest to go to the Gran Bahia El Portillo on January 20.

I’ve heard some terrible posts for El Portillo and yes they do seem to be coming from Air transat. Does that mean a) Sunquest travelers had no problems or b) there hasn’t been any Sunquest holidays there and we’re the guinea pigs :stuck_out_tongue: I have my rose colored sunglasses already packed (hope that’s enough)

Cervesa plz


We were with Sunquest but stayed at the Wynhdam Samana. However our friends stayed at the El Portillo who booked through sunquest and hated it. They said the service was bad. They had to wait 2 hours just to check in. Had to stand in line 20-30 mins for the buffett… I feel bad for them and they were honeymooners.


At this point I agree with you Sunosunosun. I am hoping that all of the kinks have been worked out. After reading the reviews of the hotel, I feel I know what to expect. I picked this hotel because of the beach area ( no hotels on either side of the property). :slight_smile:


Hola donaldka
I talked to my TA this evening she says there is still some glitches but mostly on Air Transats part (selling what they do not have and over booking) There is still some construction happening but as long as it’s not in my room… lol.
I’m not worried (hey who said that?)
See ya on the plane, the bus or the beach on the 20th
Adios Amigos