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Is the spa open @ GBP El Portillo?


Does anybody know if the spa open? If so, how much are their services??


Massages were offered by the pool. I think someone said it was about 20$ for 20 minutes.

The spa was not officially opened, but the building was attended. Some of the guests toured the facility but I did not. They have a jacuzzi there which is a bit more private.

I actually kind of liked the jacuzzi/cold tub which was surrounded by chairs… off to the west side of the pool. At first, I thought I’d be intimidated by using a jacuzzi which was surrounded by people but to be honest, my GF and I spent most of our afternoons there and things were always quiet. It seemed as though there were always two chairs available there with a parasol.



I was there Jan 20-27 I toured the spa a friend went for a massage. She found it most relaxing. This was mid week, at that time they didn’t have anyone in who could do braids but they were expecting someone by the weeks end.
So I would have to say that by now, yes the spa should be fully functional.


Braids were being done at the salon this week. One of our friends got some done.



awesome, thank you…do you happen to know if or when they plan to offer any manicures or peticures for the girlfriend?


think they were doing it while I was there…jan 20-27


Batesy: I did not partake but yes they are offering manicures, pedicures, facials and God knows what else. Just returned on Feb 13th after a great week!