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Is the weather improving?

Leaving for the Catalonia Bavaro Beach on Tues 2/24. Have been reading a lot about rain and high winds in Punta Cana these past two weeks. Can someone “on the ground” there update me on the forecast for this coming week? My Yahoo weather says “scattered showers” but it said that last week, too, when I hear it was pouring and the wind was 25 knots.

Last week there was quite a bit of rain and wind. I am on the beach right now using wireless in front of the newest section of the Palladium. It is hot and sunny and the forecast looks pretty good for the rest of the week.I can only go by the computer. forecast as well, but the locals here say that the prolonged bad weather last week was very unusual. We are off to Santo Domingo on Wed and expect Sunny climes… Enjoy your vacation.

we have now a bunch of consecutive days with perfect caribbean beach weather.
for fishing winds been too high yesterday and before yesterday, but no cloud around, top weather for a beach vaca.
stick with the rainy yahoo weather if you want, i stick with the actual PC weather just in case, lol.
wind died down today, the lil breeze left is still from the usual east, inshore sea is very calm, i am looking forward on a great day out on the deep blue tomorrow and hope for the same the rest of the week.
happy travel

It has now been almost 2 weeks (1 day to go) since the last rain fell in Bavaro. I would not call that rainy. Quite the contrary.

Can you claim to have 13 days of consecutive sunny days where you are???

Tomorrow (Tuesday) and perhaps Wednesday we will see a bit of increased cloud cover with the slight chance of an isolated shower, but nothing major or inconvenient.


PuntaCAna Mike

That’s why I wanted to hear from some folks who are really there! Thanks. This made my day. It’s in the upper 20’sF here in Atlanta today, only expected to get into the 40’s for the next few days. (Unusual weather for this far south this time of year.) So I will definitely be enjoying that warm Caribbean sunshine!

PCMike: I hope the weather stays nice there. We just woke up to 35 centimeters with 10-15 more to come. Everything shut down. Have to say it is pretty, but I would rather the white sand. 14 days until NH Real!!!

we woke up again due to bright sunlight flooding into the sleeping room,
can really be bothering that early in the morning, lol.
we are also running towards high 20’s, but on the Celcius scale, he he.
it is again very calm, completely cloudfree, sun on full power, inshore and offshore Sea are calm, all boats are offshore and i hope it stays just like that.
happy travel

That’s good to hear. The forecasts I check online are almost all different from one another so I never know for sure which one is right. For instance, accuweather is showing approximately 3 hours/day of rain for the next 10 days, weather.com is showing rain everyday for the next 10 days, and the weather network is showing sun only. Hopefully the weathernetwork is the correct one lol. Oh well, not much we can do about anyway. I’m heading down next week and really hope for at least 3-4 days of sunshine.

by your description i love that weathernetwork, ha ha

Dont you just love the way Mikefisher always rubs that beautiful sun
in to us northerners LOL.

[quote=@caper]Dont you just love the way Mikefisher always rubs that beautiful sun
in to us northerners LOL.[/quote]
Just wait 'til he runs out of ice to keep his beer cold. He’ll be thinking of moving here. ;D

yeap Bob,
and there are 2 reasons:
1st, no need of ice or fridges or fans, just leave that box of beers outside the frontdoor and they stay nice cold.
2nd, this morning around 6:45AM it started to rain, going up and down, stopping again right now, doesn’t look like it’s finished for today.
where’s my sunshine?
ha ha

Well, it’s raining here in PC today! Woke up to a downpour. :frowning: But we are hoping it will clear up in time to get some beach time in.

Great weather our first two days, though, so it’s hard to complain.

And the Catalonia Bavaro is WONDERFUL!!! We upgraded to the Royal section, and it was worth the extra money. More when I write my review.

so we are neighbours down here on that beautiful beach.
rain stopped again a few minutes ago, it is clearing, would say that some fights a way throu.
have fun

I just checked the weather forcast…and it is calling for rain every day until March 6th. We arrive March 13th. Does that mean it is getting it out of its system BEFORE we arrive??? yikes. ::slight_smile: Makes me nervous…I sure hope it is sunny when we arrive! Cathy :o

what system is forecasted to be here from today til march 6th??
don’t know about that.
maybe we just use different interpretations of the ‘words and prognostics’ of a weathersite, but that does not look to me like predicting rain on daily bases for the next 7 days


I was on the weather something…showed next 10 days in Punta Cana and all rain…won’t go back to that site, too depressing. Just check in with updates and I will be happy!!!

that sounds now much better to come in that good mood for a happy vacation.
right now we are sunny again, absolutely no wind, Ocean super calm, even offshore.
the short showers this morning been no big deal.
we will get some more shport showers during the next couple days, but nothing special in vicinity,
all is ready for a fun in the sun stay.

Yes, it only rained until noon. The afternoon was absolutely beautiful! Nice soft breeze, fleecy clouds, warm and sunny. And today has dawned bright and sunny, so no worries!


How is the wind on the beach? We found it very windy for a couple of days but the sun was out so no complaints but found it very windy in comparison to other years.