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Is there another online travel site

Does anyone know of any other travel sites that have an interface like tripcentral.ca, where you can search by price (or other variables) across all months and weeks?

I like that interface, but they don’t seem to list all of the packages out of Halifax that other sites do.

I agree with you on tripcentral having a great interface. The only problem with them for me is that they do not seem to have updated prices right away on their charts. Some times I have cought a sale price on a package that is available for a few hours. This price never makes it to tripcentral. If the lower price stays put, tripcentral does not seem to get updated until the next day.

Maybe I’m wrong but that has been my experience with them. But they are great as a resource.

I just realized that maybe the real issue is that tripcentral.ca doesn’t update the prices fast enough, rather than it just being the Halifax packages that are incomplete.

I think it does give you some idea about the trends, as in whether certain weeks and resorts are going to be more expensive, but apart from that it’s sort of useless if the information isn’t current.

I use tripcentral to “narrow the field” so to speak.
We’ve always used selloffvacations to find the deal we wanted, with only one exception. It was a very last minute trip (booked Monday to leave Thursday) and it was for a party of eight. I can’t remember who we used that year, sorry, but she was awesome, with two or three different carriers on the line making sure they would have enough seats and rooms to put us up in a very nice place.

I’ve used flightcentre.ca to check availability. Not that I would ever book anything with them.