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Is there Parasailing in Punta Cana

If so how much and which resort are they in front of normally? ;D

There is lots of para sailing in Punta Cana. Just go to the beach and you will find someone selling it, they are every where up and down the beach. We paid $75 a couple in November.

We did not have parasailing at the Sirenis in 2006. But in 07, we were at the IFA on Bavaro Beach and it was available. It was $40 each or $75/tango

As Hula say’s, lots of it. We were there the same time and I paid $95.00 a couple just 15 mins up the beach at the Princess.

Yes!! ANd even though I was terrified from beginning to end I am so glad I did it!! Amazing views and so exciting!!

There is parasailing available between Dreams Palm Beach and Natura Resort

Cost was $80 per couple… I dont know the single rate…sorry…
They went up for about 20 minutes each trip, so better than some I have seen. Talk to Eddie… he is a kewl guy…

there was parasailing available at Eden/NH last year. Not sure if they still offer it. We’ll find out, only 12 more sleeps…

We just came back from Grand Oasis Bavaro and the parasailing boat was moored right in front of our resort. Our kids went up the first day and absolutely loved it. I think it was $89.00 for the two of them and $45.00 for one person.

Try to be the first trip of the day and they usually keep you in the air longer as an advertisement for others on the beach to see.

It took the whole week for our kids to convince me to try it but unfortunately when I finally went to do it on our last day (New Year’s Day), the boat driver was “recuperating” from New Year’s Eve the night before! And was unable to drive the boat.
So…go while you can!

Oh Lilyv the same thing happened to us on the first trip!! We waited until the last day we were there and the boat broke!! SOOOO the hooked us up with another group. They took us up the beach in a speed boat. WHen we got there the parasailing boat was pulling in the sail and it went right into the blades of the motor. WHOOOOO!!! we all said we aren’t going up in that what if the ropes were sheared or the shute damaged. They said fine then get out . WHAT? we were up the beach a good 10 miles from our resort. Luckly one of our group spoke fluent spanish. They agreed to take us back for $20.00. SO we had a nice boat ride for a few dollars each. Scarey though about the parachute going right into the prop of the engine. SO we had to wait until the next year. But it was FUN!