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Islazul Villa Don Lino - Holguin

Read a lot of reviews on this place and realizing it is only a 2+ rating, we are thinking of going to this resort because it is small (36 rooms) and secluded. We are a married couple (51M & 49F) and just want peace and quiet for a week to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. We’re not fussy if the place is not new, as long as it’s clean. Any reason anyone knows that we shouldn’t go there? Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Don Lino is not for everyone. If you read the reviews on Debbie’s you read mine. A possible issue there can be water pressure. Latest news I have is that it’s fine now, but that could change. If you are comfortable with a place that’s a lot like someone’s cottage…with the same charms and possible inconveniences…then you may enjoy Don Lino. I did. That said, with such a small resort you are very much affected by the other guests in residence while you are there. The right group can be wonderful…the wrong one… :o