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Isle Mejeures

anyone been?

we are thinking of going that way while in MR.

Is it close to Playa?, would getting a rental vehicle and driving there be as good as taking a tour for the day?

what does a person do there? someone may have mentioned shopping and nice beaches?

As the name implies, it is an island. Been there and got to it from Cancun. Do not know if anything leaves from Playa. It is very tiny, but worth a look if you have nothing else to do. I would go to Cozumel before going there.

thanks Rene
can only squeeze a couple excursions in when we are there and now that it’s getting closer time to try and make a decision :slight_smile:

Lynnb: There’s an excursion offered with Signature to Isle Mujeres which includes a dolphin swim - it’s $130 per adult. We didn’t do it. I actually have the list of all of the tours offered with Signature/First Choice if you need any other info.
We were at Sandos Caracol December 6th to 13th and liked the resort very much, unfortunately the weather was quite cool but we enjoyed ourselves very much.

lynnb, been there twice, we got there from Cancun on the ferry, 0nce on a tour , once with our daughter & son in law, just by ourselves,spent the day there, the best was just renting a golf cart and touring, dropped in here and there for a cold one, went swimming and of course shopping, ate at a local bar,
really enjoyed it , a day well spent, there is a park at on end where the snorkeling is pretty good, if that interests you :wink:

thank you both! yes jemik that sounds like what we may be looking for. i have heard that it’s a pretty cool little place. i heard about the golf carts and just touring around and stopping in. this may be something to look into more.
to you both; the cenotes is something that looks interesting as well. again we normally can just do one tour per week and then i also want to spend a day in playa and maybe have supper there at one of the restaurants. someone else i think, mentioned Akumal for a day trip. recommended?
spike - glad to hear you enjoyed the resort. did you have a pretty good room? we did the sandos4u but really don’t care if we get it or not. just want to get out of this deep freeze we are in here!

Lynnb - we also did the sandos4u and were given a room upgrade, however we switched rooms as I had ankle surgery a few weeks before our vacation and we needed to be close to everything. Were given room 615 which was quite small and a bit noisy but had everything we needed and was close to everything.
Would definitely recommend Akumal and would advise taking cab to Yal-Ku whilst you are there. You can take the shuttle into Playa from the hotel then the collective to Akumal. We also did the snorkel trip from the Sandos dive shop ($30) which was quite enjoyable and hubby did four dives which he quite enjoyed.

ok, that sounds great! one other time we were on holidays in PV, we were given a main room floor, close to the main pool etc. at first i was uneasy for safety reasons (our two daughters were travelling with us then) and had requested a second floor. well hate to admit it, but after day two we ignored our phones cause we enjoyed the room location so much! easy access to everything. As long as it’s clean, i can deal with smaller etc. but if we (and the other couple that we are travelling with) get into the upgrade, well that would be great as well :slight_smile:
i really am likeing the thoughts of Akumal, i’m trying to get some ideas for when we get together with the other couple to try and decide. blah, always not enough money to do it all or not enough time :wink:

Hi lynnb :slight_smile:

Akumal is an awesome little place and makes for a great day trip, but it in no way compares with Isla Mujeres. If it’s a choice of one or the other, Isla wins, hands down!

Take a colectivo to Cancun for 3 bucks. Get off at Cancun bus station and grab a taxi to Gran Puerto Cancun ferry docks (not much $$). Take an Ultramar ferry to Isla Mujeres - round trip 8 bucks, 20 minute ride. Try to grab a seat up top in the open air - the views of Cancun and the water are beautiful.

Here’s a link to the ferry schedule: http://www.granpuerto.com.mx/isla_mujeres.htm

Once you arrive, rent a golf cart (about 55 bucks for the day) - there are plenty of rental guys buzzing about near the ferry dock so you won’t have trouble finding a place to rent from. Take a tour of the island (I reccommend a Can-Do map of Isla to make the most of your day - see http://www.cancunmap.com/). Try a stop at Playa Lancheros for lunch - they serve an amaaaaaazing Mayan dish called TicnXic…absolute heaven :slight_smile: If you’re looking to snorkel, try Garrafon Park, or go out with one of the local guides.

Once you’ve finished with your island tour, do a little shopping in Centro and then laze the rest of your day away on Playa Norte, a beeeeeautiful beach on the North end of the island. Sergio’s Playa Sol, a cool little beach bar, makes the perfect spot for catching the sunset before hopping a ferry back to the mainland.

You can’t beat Isla Mujeres…go and see for yourself! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here’s the last sunset I caught on Isla…


Happy travels, wherever you end up :slight_smile:

bubbles thanks so much! i’m printing off as we speak :slight_smile:
happy holidays

Bubbletoes- I, too, printed off your info. Thanks for putting it in this thread. I am sure others will be happy to find it, as well. We will be going to the Mayan in 2009 and I am almost positive that the Isle will be one of our day excursions. You’ve made it simple for us. :smiley:

i agree tc, i have already ran it by some of our co-travellers and we are all in agreement. so now i’m gonna find and print off some more spanish phrases…

You are both very welcome :slight_smile:

Listen, it sounds like lynnb is traveling with a group…if that’s the case, you might like to look into a private transfer service - they’ll pick you up at your resort and take you to the Isla ferry, then meet you again to bring you back to the resort at day’s end. Makes for a nice and easy day, not having to figure out where you’re going and all that jazz! Or, another option: take the colectivo there in the morning, but arrange for a private transfer for your return in the evening - this would keep your costs down, and allow you to stick around for dinner and a sunset drink on the beach if you like :wink:

If you decide to stick to the colectivo route there AND back, do find out how late the colectivos from Cancun run to PDC - I am not sure.

I used AGI Tours in 2005 and it cost me about $100USD round trip from the IB Paraiso complex, which is not far from the Caracol. If you have a number of people going, you can split the cost. That’s what we did. There are plenty of transfer companies to choose from. AGI were great - friendly driver, arrived early, nice vans with a/c.

I recommend these maps all the time so apologies if you’ve already heard this, but your day will be MUCH more enjoyable with one of Laura and Perry’s Can-Do Isla Mujeres maps…full of great tips for exploring Isla, and you’ll be sure to find all the little out-of-the-way spots you might miss otherwise. GREAT if you’re going to take a golf cart tour of the island! See http://www.cancunmap.com/

Anyway, just a few more rambling thought s for you, lol! :smiley: Have fun on Isla! Shout if you have any more questions!

Thanks for the great information Bubbletoes. We’re heading to Playa Mujeres next week. We’ll certainly ferry over for the day.

Happy New Year to all!

Ooooh prrollt, you lucky duck! You can see Isla from the beach at Playa Mujeres…no chance of laying eyes on her and NOT paying a visit, lol! Looking forward to hearing all about the EPM when you return - have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time in the sun :slight_smile: