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It is just not the same!

Today driving my car I was listening the “Caliente” on the Sirius satellite radio.
Great Merengue, Salsa etc. But didn’t has the same effect on us like when we are in DR.
In January when we got back from DR we brought some cans of Presidente and Brahma.
Cooled down to perfection. but…
Probable you guessed: the taste wasn’t the same like in PC or South Coast.
I don’t know how is your experience, but for these things I feel the sun, the air and lots of other factors are missing to enjoy in a same way.
Well, in 10 weeks will be nothing to stop us to shake our bodies in a Merengue rhythm and have a Presidente in the real value of those.

I’m an XM subscriber, and love Caliente. They’ve just added several of the best Sirius stations (like Jimmy Buffet’s Radio Margaritaville) to XM Canada, so I’ve added that to my “driving to work in a snowstorm” arsenal. So, I see they’ve added some XM to Sirius as well.

Bonus! ;D

Anything to get me through to my next vacation. ::slight_smile:


Being a sat radio lover, (in the vehicle and in the home), this is a sad story , but probally true, sat radio did well here in Canada per capita , not as well south of the border,I imagine geography had alot to do with it, plus they pay Howard Stern 100 mill a year if you can imagine,


but nothing like turning the heat, bottle of brugal, plastic palm tree, sat radio, the more brugal, the better it gets,

I don’t find it sad at alll. Now we’re getting the best of both XM and Sirius. It just goes to show you the sad state of mainstream radio in North America, with their crappy, mass-produced playlists and formats.

Does anyone know how well XM comes in in Punta Cana?


My husband gets has this station on in his vehicle and I have it on in mine, it’s the only station I listen to!! We love it!
It is more fun to listen to when the weather is hot though :-/