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Jacuzzi tubs

Hola everyone , I must be odd man or woman out here, as I don’t want a jacuzzi tub in the DR . “what for too D— hot,” My idea of the tub is after a long day at work driving home in the driving snow, freezing ,is to jump into the hot jacuzzi to warm up and jump into my PJ 's& cuddle up . Give me a great cool to warm shower( with sufficient water) after a hot day at the beach and I’m good to go . I’ve got one at home so this is not a priority for me , rather have a great walk in shower.

I never thought that I would ever use one, but when we were at Edenh last year we used it everyday & loved it. I am now having a hard time thinking about going to a resort that I don’t have one in my room.

it is interesting topic: if I’m going to DR or any other hot place, the last thing is a jacuzzi to look for.
We had at EdenH . In first day we had on the main floor on the patio. Well first was the terible mosquito invasion there, the construction workers and other tourist were walking by and was no privacy or enjoyment. We got another room later 3rd floor towards the centre court, that was better. Took about 45 minutes to fill the tub, and was funny to have a nice cool Presidente meantime. However was just semi privacy… (I’m taking bath, shower or seat in a jacuzzi naked. (love those soap commercials on TV , where the model taking shower in swim suit…)
Yes, I prefer a nice strong almost warm shower, after hours in the salty warm seawater.
I would never look for jacuzzi, never mind paying extra for that.
But that’s only me…

Personnaly I think a Jacuzzi would be fun on a hot rainy day, with lot’s of presidente near by, I have also heard complaints about the skitters though.

The only time we had a Jacuzzi was at the Palladim palace. They can be fun i’m sure… We once had plans for the Jacuzzi @ the Palace and after returning from a Massage … we were so relaxed the bed looked and felt better.

I guess we are getting old too.

:DLove them!!! After a full day in the sun by evening I get a chill. Warm up and away we go. It is really helpful for the kids as well. When I say time to go to the room! They get all excited because it is time for the jacuzzi!!! Now would I change my mind about a resort over a jacuzzi NO! But if I was comparing two equal resorts would it sway me - Ya it could!!!

The problem is in my view if the resort is charging extra let’s say $200 for having jacuzzi in your room and I have to pay regardless if I’m using or not that feature.

Pheww, I’m so glad I’m not the only one not seeing the appeal of having a jacuzzi tub in the room or on the balcony with steamy hot water to soak in after a hot day in the sun. Wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.

I love them, after a day in the sun, sand and salt water I love to soak in one with a cold Cervesa … I wouldn’t book a hotel just because it had one or not …

Having a jacuzzi in our room doesn’t excit us at all…we much prefer to have a shower after a day at the beach…we have a hot tub at home and the best time of year to use it is the fall and winter…

another question about the jacuzzi. I’d hate to be the housecleaning staff as sometimes when we return from the beach after playing in the surf , as hard as we try, we do seem to bring in some sand into the tub and I know the kids suits etc. are loaded with sand hard to get out. again I feel that it’s just too hot for, we rather cool off with a great shower , would’nt pay extra , we have had them in the past and never bothered to use it.

Hula : the Cerveza part is OK. But I rather have a few minutes shower, and have a few drinks at the bar, having a chat with other fellows, instead soaking in a hot tub by myself .
My wife love to soak her body in any hot tub, not just jacuzzi - so is a personal preference, but lately she is keeping me company at the bar … We always meet nice people from other parts of the country, continent, or from other continent…

For me, Jacuzzi for the winter, and on vacation in Feb in the Dominican…a cool shower to wash off the salt and then to the bar.