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Asking a question for my step-daughter. She wants to know if she will need an adapter to plug in her electrical appliances. I checked on the Jamaican board, but couldn’t find anything about it.
Thanks Smilely

AFAIK, Jamaica is 110V 50Hz which is ‘almost’ the same as our 110V 60Hz. Most devices won’t notice the difference, but a hair dryer for instance, may sound a little different. Most of their sockets are two blade unpolarized, so she will likely have the same problem with one of our polarized plugs. See our FAQ for the solution to that one.


They use 110/50 volts. However some plugs will not fit as they are either recessed or have a different plug system

I don’t recall having any great difficulty plugging in the last time we were there, with the exception of the polarization issue. See http://www.kropla.com/electric2.htm

The two resorts we have stayed at did have the recessed plugs and we had the good fortune of bringing or alternate means of plugging our electrical unit in to the plug in the wall. However this could be a very isolated situation but why take the chance

thank you all, will let her know.

You could always email the resort and ask them. I’m sure they will let you know exactly if /or what is required.