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January 25 - February 8/Decameron

We’re going back to El Salvador! Booked it today. Now to make a ticker tape for the countdown. :wink:

That is good to know
I will make sure I book a different week LOL
We will be looking at the price during October to see if there any deals
Was also looking at Breezes in Panama and Belize

Not being very nice now Koz. :stuck_out_tongue: I will tell the missus on you.

So what made you decide to go back to El Sav instead of Panama?
Or choice another place?
Do you have a departure time yet?

Departure time right now is saying 9:00 am. Of course we know that is subject to change. ::slight_smile:

With El Salvador you get more bang for your dollar. It still is pretty reasonable in comparison to other Central American inclusive resorts - going for two weeks.

At this resort - big rooms, good a la cartes, very clean through out the resort, great weather.

Okay, cons - no water to swim in at the beach when the tide is out and only loungers to use around the pool - no straight back chairs.

(Don’t get me wrong, we love Panama and I am sure we will be back.)

We are also returning for a secnd time. We were there Feb 09. This year we have friends joining us. Looked at Panama but it is Carnival the week we wanted to go…prices were quite steep.

Stingray - you were there Feb 9th this year? I believe we left about then. When are you going this time?

Hi Bebbie,
We were there Feb 16-23 in 09. Going Feb 6-15 in 2010.

oops tht should be Feb 8-15

We’re getting on the plane you came in on. :wink:

unfortunately it is not transat this year. Last yr we upgraded to first class…enjoyed the hot meal and bevies. Read Canjet charges $6 a drink…

Yes that really sucks big time. We were booked Club Class originally. Noted they changed air carriers, so we got online and booked our seats immediately. The worse part about it, is losing the extra weight allowance.

Doesn’t the carrier have the standard 22 kg weight limit?

Club Class you were allowed 40 kg - a big difference.

And the price of drinks… it was so nic having champagne as we got on the plane. Have to check and see if they have duty free. But I must say the deaparture times are not bad either way. Yes, the weight difference…hmm… will have to pack a couple less outfits and more bathing suits!!