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January Weather?


Just curious if anyone can tell me what weather in Cuba is like in January??

I always go in October (like I was last week…sigh) and again in April, but I’d like to squeeze in a third trip and thinking January.

Any/all help would be great!

Thanks fellow, Cuba-Nadians!


Depends where in Cuba :wink:

In January, the further north the more chance of getting a cold snap. IMO if you want to guarantee yourself great weather; go as far south as you can in Cuba;and that being Santiago de Cuba.

We like the Club Bucanero; it’s a 3 star and for the price (on special ;D only) it’s worth every dollar :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Happy holidays

hope this helps


After a couple of cool, wet trips in January (Varadero & Holguin) we now go end of Feb. or early March to try and increase the odds of good weather and so far the weathers been great.


Santiago area is a pretty sure bet for warm weather. Unfortunately the resorts aren’t of the same quality as Guardalavaca or the Cayos, but if you are happy with three star accommodation, you will be well rewarded with wonderful weather. :smiley:


Well…that sounds disappointing all around! Hmm…

Any other Caribbean places with decent weather in January that aren’t going to cost me an arm and a leg? lol


Cayo Largo is much warmer than the Atlantic coast. Winter has the resorts on the leeward side so the beach is well protected from January breezes by the berms.
And you haven’t been there yet, bigred, eh?


Ah, Spunky! You’ve caught me! LoL

Have yet to travel to Cayo Largo, but just took a peek and it looks gorgeous! Any recommendations on resorts there?


bigred , it depends on what you and your " other " like to do.
Also, what your stand on nudity is.


Can’t go wrong with any of the 3 main ones. We like Playa Blanca.
It’s a spot for total relaxation and battery recharging and it’s also a world famous Naturist destination. We love it because it’s safe, mostly unspoiled and has miles of deserted beaches.
But, it’s not for everybody.


Well…considering my “other” (this time) will be my mother…I’d prefer the non-nudity route! lol

Scenic and serene works well when I travel with her, so I’ll likely keep this as an option. Both the Sol and the Playa Blanca look lovely…and prices right now for both are just right for the time I’m looking…


You would know what Mom likes. We meet lots of “Moms” in their 70s and 60s there who love it.
The only ones who get upset are the ones who didn’t know.


Weather is like everwhere else, hit & miss some years. We took a mid winter break last year and went to Cayo Coco and it was a little cool. I think like everyone else if I go again we’ll look at the south side. However, if the price is right we’ll go farther south to the D.R. Two trips coming up Nov @ Varadero & Dec @ Cayo Guillermo, I’ll see how these are on the Atlantic side.


No matter what the weather it is better than anything we would get in Canada at that time of the year…I have been to Cuba in January-February (Holguin/Varadero/Jibacoa) a few times and only needed a sweater for maybe a total of 5 nights …always swimming weather in the ocean except for red flag days because of the wind or jellyfish…not the temperature!..always better than the Bay of Fundy in August!


Maybe something in the Holguin area might be a thought.
If your mother is “ambulatory”, I recommend Playa Pesquero. Beautiful hotel and grounds, the biggest pool I’ve ever seen, and wonderful staff. The beach is small, with walking 10 min tops in either direction, but really not a problem, because you just spend more time in the water ;D


During the day the weather is hot and during the evening it gets a little cooler. Well, that is no big deal. You don’t have to run a noisy air conditioner during the night when you are trying to go to sleep.


Even if the AC is quiet, it’s great to be able to shut it off and open the windows overnight.


Was in Cuba Jan/Feb a couple yrs ago, weather is fine for touring but not beach weather except for Santiago, which sadly doesn’t look like an option this year.

Mexico/Central America would be better options for that time of year.


No guarantees with weather but I think that the odds of getting “beach weather” in Jan/Feb are very good.