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Jeep safari in VAraderro

Are these safaris ( jeeps ) offered as self drive only? or as in the DR do you all hop on a truck and get driven ? Not sure I wanna drive at all in Cuba ::slight_smile: Are they normally an all day thing? as in get picked up at 8ish and returned around 5ish?

you can have one of the guys drive as their is a leader in front and a guy in back…it is an all day thing BUT is so awesome i just got back on thursday and we did it and loved every minute of it and my husband drove the whole day and he said he loved it

:-Thanks calntina, are the jeeps 4 seaters? as in Suzuki’s or do they hold more people? Do you remember the cost??
Thanks again :-

A convoy of blue Suzuki Jimny’s (were called Sidekick’s in Canada). 4 seats…top down…an amazing way to spend the day.

Hubby and daughter did the jeep safari and said it was awesome.(beach lounger here :wink: )

It is an all day excursion. Their trip included horseback riding, swimming in caves as well as a speed boat trip which you can navigate yourself. Lunch was included as well.

If I remember correctly, the cost was $79. US a person.

They said when we return, they would do it again in a heartbeat.

We leave a week today for Varadero and are planning to do this jeep safari. Read lots of good things about it; last year we went to Havana for day trip, but want to try something different this year. I didn’t realize you got to do other things as well i.e. horse riding, cave swimming, sounds awesome. My hubby was unsure of driving one all day, something about keeping up, or getting lost etc., but it sounds like it’s an amazing tour…so I think we’ll have to do it for sure,

there is a leader at the front and a guy at the back you will not get lost…it is well worth it

Is this a good outing with a 6 year old boy? I did the Havana tour a few years ago and loved it - but I know my son would be bored silly.

I personal didn’t do this but many people where raving about how great it is.

I did see them on the road in a convoy, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting lost.


When my husband and daughter did this excursion they did say there were a few younger lads partaking with their parents and seem to enjoy themselves.

My daughter had a real hoot over one fellow who seemed to be in total awe over the cave visit.

Thanks all for the info , sounds like something I would do but not sure if my wife is up for it :(, She really liked the one in the DR, there were at least 10 people in the back of a Safari type vehicle, was a blast :), sounds like it may become a guy thing, we are 5 couples, all with different ideas of fun ;D, but compatible none the less. That’s just how we roll ;D ;D

One quick question about these jeeps: are they automatic or standard? ??? Heading to Varadero soon and this sounds like something the boyfriend and I would really enjoy, but neither of us drives stick! ::slight_smile:


it is a standard

Crap! Well, maybe the boyfriend can figure it out before then. :stuck_out_tongue:

my husband hadnt drove standard in years he loved it…they also offer you a CD of your day for $30 I dont advise buying it is there is barely any of your actual day on it…it is mostly like a documentary about Cuba I was unsatisfied with it not at all what i expected it to be