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Jellyfish in Jibacoa?

So we’re looking at going to CVJ in the first week of June, but I’ve read that there can be quite the jellyfish/PMOW problem down there. Having grown up on the water in NB, I know that our canadian jellyfish are seasonal, what are they like in Jibacoa in the end of May/early June?

Swimming and snorkelling are very important to me, I wouldn’t want to go to a resort where I wouldn’t be able to get into the water!

I’ve been told that the Man of War jellyfish come in with the winter winds. Nov-Jan/Feb they are there. June? probably not.

I was at the JCV for the last 2 weeks of April 08 and only saw 2 PMOW, both washed up on the beach.

I have to ask which airport you are traveling through to get to the JCV this year as it is no longer offered out of Halifax. My partner and I were considering a return to JCV but going through Toronto makes what was a great bargain much less so this year.

I guess the world, or at least the travel world, does revolve around the GTA eh…:wink: