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JellyFish Restaurant


Hey there,

Looking for more info from anyone who has had or is planning their reception at Jellyfish restaurant? If there is another thread pls direct me! Thanks so much!



i am passively interested, as well…any info would be appreciated!!

sarah, do you have any package prices, or email attachments that you can forward to me? karenkepler81@aol.com




Have you checked out their website? You can email them directly for details.

Here are a few other links with info as well.


I don’t have specifics b/c we are not doing our reception there, but we are going there to eat one afternoon/evening.

I’ve heard great things about it.

Check the East Coast forum, as I believe there is a thread about it there. Also on TripAdvisor, I think.

Good Luck!


Thank you! I have gotten price lists from them and they are actually cheaper than a melia private reception! I am super excited! Thanks for the info!


Hey guys. Just an FYI…I am having my reception at the Jellyfish Restaurant Jan 20th, 2008. They seem to be a great couple who owns and runs the restaurant, but they too take a while to respond. I have been corresponding with them since late August. It usually takes me sending 2-3 emails to get a response from them about 2-3 weeks later. Besides that everything seems great.


For those having their reception at the Jellyfish, is it a private reception? Does the restaurant close to the public? Thanks


Yes for an extra $1000 you rent out the restaurant exclusively. Otherwise you can just go there and eat with your guests but the restaurant will be open to the public.


I’ve emailed back and forth with the Jellyfish during the last two days and they are SUPER responsive. Because we don’t want to rent out the entire restaurant, they said we could have the second level privately for dinner and then head to the beach under a palapa with a dance floor for DANCING! We can either dance in the sand or on a floor (the floor needs to be rented for $600). This sounds SO amazing!!!


Does anyone have their price breakdown (food & menus, drinks, set up…)? Also, how does the Melia feel about this? How does it affect whatever package you have with them for the ceremony?


It shouldn’t affect your resort pricing at all.

Ladies Dealing w/ JellyFish:
Can you share the contact info (email address) and any pricing you have from them? I have pricing from La Barcaza, but can’t get onto the JellyFish website now to get the email address for them. Thanks!


Hi ladies!
I will PM both of you the menus/price sheet.
I’ve been working with Mayte (not sure if it’s a woman/man) - but he/she has been wonderful!!! Here’s the email: jellyfishrestaurant@gmail.com


[quote author=hulaqt board=wedding thread=1196367867 post=1196782217]Hi ladies!
I will PM both of you the menus/price sheet.
I’ve been working with Mayte (not sure if it’s a woman/man) - but he/she has been wonderful!!! Here’s the email: jellyfishrestaurant@gmail.com


Got it! Thanks so much!!!


Its a husband and wife team. The husband is Gabriel and the wife is Marcelle.


Just got an email back from them. Sounds like this might be a more reasonable option for us as well. Thanks for the insight!


Yes! I priced everything out and the Jellyfish (to us) is the best option. I cannot wait!
Also, I got transporation prices - $5/pp roundtrip - this is from the Melia!

Mayte is also quoting me on DJ equipment and cake - I’ll share soon.


Who did you speak with at the Melia for transportation to the melia? Will it be cabs or vans?

I was told by the Jellyfish that they do not prepare wedding cakes. They gave me a local contact and she quoted $500 for a 2 tier cake that feeds 40. A little pricey and i do not know what it will look like. I am interested to hear what you decide on the cake.


maybe this is me being naive, but cant you somehow transport the cake to the jellyfish from the melia? doesnt it come with the wedding packages already? id try to get a cousin or a friend to be in charge of moving it…but im just cheap. lol


I thought about doing that as well, but i was too concerned about getting it there in one piece.


I think you may be getting quoted the ‘tourist’ price for the cake. Our cake was 4 tiers, 2 tiers with pineapple and 2 with caramel and 12lbs (lol yes I know a big cake but it’s a Dominican thing lol) and it only cost $250.00cdn. This was in Puerto Plata - but I just wanted to give you something to compare the quote you got :slight_smile:


so how do you ask for the non-tourist price?? :wink: