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JellyFish Restaurant


I just heard from Mayte via email. She says they have been very busy because of the holiday season and quite a few weddings lately.


gnsmith -

She just replied to my e-mail too. I was a little concerned because my wedding is next month too! Which date is yours? Mine’s the 27th. Coming up soon! :smiley:


Hello fellow brides! I was wondering how to pay the balance owing for the fees for the reception at the Jellyfish – they can’t honestly expect people to waltz around with that kind of cash in hand?? Also, I’ve never used traveller’s cheques: is the value of them preprinted, or would we write it like a regular check when we need to settle the final bill with the Jellyfish at the end of the night?? I haven’t even attempted to contact Mayte lately, I know she’s super busy but not getting replies to my emails is a bit concerning when my questions are of significant importance with regard to my overall planning strategy. She’s confirmed that we have the restaurant booked for April 27th, but that’s about it. If anyone is frustrated with how their plans are going, I might be able to make you feel better: my travel agent just quit his job, so now our entire file of 80+ people has just been “handed over” to his assistant manager, who is a complete stranger (unlike my travel agent who I’ve spent about 8 months sorting all the details out with). Let’s hope it’s a blessing in disguise? Haha. Oooo, the joys. Have any past brides worked with the WC Angelique (sp?) at the Melia? I’ve read many other WC names on here, but never hers… I’m quite thankful that I don’t have to deal with the Melia directly myself, that’s what the travel agent’s making the $$ for… our travel agent is being sent on the trip with us, as a perk from Flight Center, for booking such a large group entirely through them. I hope she’s as prepared as our original agent was for the undertaking of making sure our wedding runs as perfectly as possible, because he and I had a very strong understanding of what needed to be taken care of and he really understood the things that were most important to me.

WOW. I needed to rant… haha

Can’t wait to hear about how everything went with the January brides!! :smiley:

Safe travels, and best of luck to you ladies!!


Hey Carly, from what I remember traveller’s cheques come in set dominations, i.e $50.00, $100.00 etc. They are pretty much like cash except for the guarantee if they are stolen or lost and I believe you can buy them in US dollars as well. Hope that information helps. I’m sure your file will be handled with care, if all of your arrangements have been made it should be fine. We had that exact thing happen to us but unfortunately our file was handed over to someone who had not ever dealt with a large group and dropped the ball on many things but we had the manager step in and it has been fine since. My only advice would be is to stay on your agent and communicate continually with them.


Hi Ladies. I noticed a few of you are concerned with Mayte not replying immediatley to your emails/requests. Please remember that January and February are the peak months in the DR and they are VERY busy. When we were there last January the restaurant was full of people and they hosted numerous events. Mayte and the owner do a wonderful job and really only need 1-2 weeks to get everything ready, so dont worry. Also they do not take credit cards. You can either wire them the balance before you go or meet with them a day or two before the event and pay in cash or travelors checks. We did travelors checks in $100’s. When we travel out of the US, we ONLY use Travelors checks. This is the safest way to pay. You can get travelors checks at your local bank or AAA.

Also you have to remember that you are having a wedding in the DR not the US or Canada where things are planned months or years in advance with contracts, etc. People in the DR do things much differently than what we are used to, but that is something we cant change.

Good luck and dont stress.


ncake and alisonjfrazier: thanks for the info about traveller’s cheques! I’ll have to sort out how to decide which way to pay. I don’t really believe in paying the balance for a service until the service has been provided, so we’ll see. I have complete faith that they’re as amazing as everyone says, it’s just a principle I stick to, regardless. Seriously, the way things have been going with dealing with the Melia, planning the wedding, dealing with guests, travel agents, working on my degree at the same time… I find it hard to believe that everything will be smooth sailing, it’s just my luck! haha

Whatever though, right? Just have to continue rolling with the punches and make the best of it. :smiley:


Hi Kristinemarie7, my wedding in on the 20th of February, so I guess one week before yours!

Alisonjfrazier: Thank you so much for your input. It’s reassuring to know that you had such a positive experience at the Jellyfish and that this last minute planning is completely normal in the DR.


For those that have already wired money, did Mayte give you any sort of code for the bank (routing number, etc.)? I have the bank name and address as well as the account number, but thought I would need a routing number for the bank. Thanks!


This has been such a wealth of information! Thank you to everyone for taking the time to post reviews.

I am getting married in the DR on March 17, 2009. Our travel agent has been dealing with the wedding coordinator at our resort, and has yet to hear back if we will have to pay an additional fee per person/per plate for the supper - on top of the $1300 wedding package that I assumed included a meal for everyone!

In your dealings with Mayte and the Jellyfish restaurant, do you think it would it be possible to book a wedding reception with her in such a short time frame (2 months)? We have 24 people with us and I am not a fussy bride AT ALL. I dont need a cake or DJ or centerpieces or any of that stuff, just a really good meal and nice atmosphere with friends and family.



You can definitely plan a wedding reception with her within 2 months. send her an email with the details and I also suggest you call her direct.


Such useful information, thanks to eneryone that has taken the time to post comments and questions, All the best to the January Brides! Looking forward to the reviews and pictures when you return.


Does anyone have pics of their reception at the JellyFish? would love to get an idea of what things will look like, Thanks,


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Congrats Lisa, you have me SO excited about having booked the Jellyfish for our reception!!! I’ve always known it would be a great choice, but your review solidified it for me!

I’d love to see photos, my email is carlymclaughlin@shaw.ca



WELCOME BACK LISA! It’s been a while since I have been on this forum and when I logged in and saw that you had written I was so excited to hear what you had to say about the Jellyfish. OH my god Lisa this is great to hear that everything was exactly how you wanted. I am so happy I chose the Jellyfish for the reception party. You have to to email me or post super details of Mayte and what she offers etc. Please Please send me pics. moepeedy@hotmail.com


Hi Lisa,

So glad to hear that your wedding was just as you wished. I would love to see pictures if you have time to send them, my e-mail is jdingwell66@hotmail.com.
Congrats, It was great reading your review, I am getting so excited and again I am so happy that everything turned out so great for you!!
Thanks Jen


Wow! It sounds like it was amazing! I am really looking forward to mine in April! I would love to see your pictures. My email is ciguilette@yahoo.com



Lisa, i would love to see your pics. My email is alisonjfrazier@hotmail.com




1.) How was the DJ? Did you bring your own music (cds, Ipod, mp3)? If not, what type of music did the DJ play?
2.) What Menu did you choose from?
3.) I’m going to have my wedding ceremony starting at 5 p.m. which is late but it’s my only option. Do you remember what time the sun starts to go down? I would like to have a cocktail hour while it’s still daylight.

Can’t wait to see your pictures!
Email: chopandmick@verizon.net

Thanks a millions times over and over!



  1. The DJ was brilliant. Mayte asked us in our meeting what sort of music we wanted - we said party/disco songs that everyone could dance to - and on the night the DJ played lots of Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Madonna and golden oldies like Diana Ross - with some of the older songs he mixed them with a ‘funky house’ beat and it was great. I would definately recommend the DJ if you have a bigger group of people like we did. During the dinner we gave them a CD we had made up of swing music, Frank Sinatra etc and they played this for us.

  2. We chose Menu 1 (which was the cheapest one at $35 per person) and it was lovely. We also had the Drinks Option 1 for $10 per person/per hour and again this was more than sufficient for everyone.

  3. The sun was setting around 6.30 - 7pm over the last couple of weeks. Are you having your ceremony at the Jellyfish?? We also had cocktails on arrival and this was a great idea as for the first hour everyone was checking the place out, finding their seats at the table and taking pictures on the beach. The beach here is alot more private and we were the only ones there - its great for kids too as they can just run around and not bother anyone.

Thanks everyone for requesting to see my photos - ill on the case and will have them to you all ASAP.

Lisa x