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JellyFish Restaurant


Lisa, sounds like your wedding was amazing! Really solidifies our decision to do everything at the Jelly Fish especially when we read great reviews like yours, so thank-you for taking the time to post! Really looking forward to seeing your pictures (n_cake@hotmail.com). Our wedding is three months to the day exactly and I am completely confident it will be fantastic.


Hi Girls,

Were back!!! We had a beautful time. I miss it already!

Heres my review from start to finish: Sorry that its going to be so long and I that I’m probably going to jump around a bit.

Review is posted at:


Hi Lisa,

Could you please send me your pictures also? I can’t wait to see them! My wedding reception will be at the Jellyfish on 20th. Thanks! My email address is : gabriellesmith@sympatico.ca


Hi Dboogie,

Thanks for the review! Do you have any pictures of your reception that you can share?


littlel & dboogie -
Congrats to both of you! Glad to hear it went so well. If you would be willing to share your pictures, I would really appreciate it! kristine7@aol.com
Thanks so much!


Littel & dboogie,

I can’t wait to see your pictures… Please email me at: chopandmick@verizon.net
Wishing you both a lifetime of wedding bliss and good health!!!


Thank you everyone for your kind messages - I have finally got round to emailing you all some photos. I hope you enjoy them.

Lisa x


Lisa: thanks for sharing your pictures. Absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to share pictures in April!


Hi Lisa, I would love to see you photos as well. We are getting married at the Jellyfish on March 21, 2009… We are very excited about curious about everything. Thank you for all of your information.


Lisa my email is Johannalfritz@gmail.com



carlymclaughlin - for some reason I cant email you the photos as I keep getting an error message come back to me. I didnt want you to think that I left you off the list…

Let me know if you want me to forward them to another email address.



Hi Girls,

I just emailed you the link to my pics on snapfish. They are not my professional ones though, soon as I get a link to them I will email those too. Theres hundreds of pictures, sorry! Enjoy!


Lisa: quick question, the vases on the table for your reception, were they supplied by the Jelly Fish?


dboogie - Congratulations. I was thinking of you on the 17th. I hope it all went well. Would you mind emailing me the link too - I would love to see your pics. lisabennett_4@hotmail.com. Thank you. Also - can I have your email and ill forward you mine.

ncake - yes they supplied all the vases.

L x


littlel - I just emailed you the pics. My email is dboogie82@gmail.com. Enjoy!


Dboggie82: thanks for emailing your pictures, looks like you guys had a great time!


I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the Jellyfish menu…not for parties, but for regular dining? I thought it would be a fun place to take the girls (we are getting married at the Melia) one night! And does anyone know of the Jellyfish has an official website? Thanks!


littlel and dboogie - Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Everything looked amazing!

I have a question regarding seating and how many people/table? We have a group of ~35. We are planning to have a small table for ourselves, but what do previous brides suggest for guests? 6 per table? 8 per table? Thanks!


Thank you littlel and dboogie, you both looked so beautiful! I am so glad that you both had an amazing time! Now my only concern is the excellence, we are booked there for our honeymoon but after hearing of rats(my biggest fear) I think I should change it. :o


Who’s next for their special day? anyone in February?