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JellyFish Restaurant


I’m April 24th and it can’t come soon enough!


Mine’s coming up soon - February 27! :smiley:


Oh Wow Kristinemarie7,

You must be so excited! Looking forward for your review and pics. Are you going with the JF decorations or bringing your own.


Ours is April 26th, really looking forward to some fun in the sun!


Hi I’m new to the forum. We are thinking about having our wedding at the jellyfish. Our wedding is April 18th


Mayte will be busy in April! Kristinemarie wish you all the best on your special day. Take lots of pictures. : )


Hi… I wanted to follow up with and ask you how did the building/rooming request work out for you. (page 7) I know you were upset about Melia requesting passport numbers and other guest information from you at the last minute. Did they in-fact room all your guests together?
How did it all work out? Was the check-in process go smoothly for your guests? What buildings did they get?

Thank you!


dboogie & littlel: I’d love to see your pics! Please email to the following email address:

Thanks a bunch, can’t wait to see how beautiful your weddings were!!


Your wedding day is right around the corner!!! How exciting!!! Wishing you a magically / beautiful wedding day.
Best Wishes,


just wanted to share that I’ve had amazing email correspondance with Mayte this past week, she is so fabulous, I can’t wait to meet her and give her a big squeeze! Haha!

2 months from tomorrow… (April 27th)… sooooo excited!!!


that’s awesome to know.

Everyone today kristinemarie is getting married 2/27


Hi Ladies - I got my marriage certificate today. Wahoo!! I was only married on 20th January so how quick was that!!

Thought I would let you all know as Im guessing the certificates all come from the same place/office and I was told by my wedding co-ordinator that it would be approx 3 months (sometimes longer) - so it seems they are on the ball with them at the moment.

Regards, Lisa x


Hi Littlel, Nice to hear from you again. Congrats on your paperwork. I have to say that was quick.


Hello All:

Does anyone know how many people does the transportation bus take?? At the mement I have a total of 75 people that need to be transported from Melia to the Jellyfish. Do they have to split up my group and do more than one trip?? Thanks for your help.



I think that the bus holds 40 people. I believe that that is what Mayte told me.

Does anyone have the phone number to the Jellyfish? I have sent Mayte several emails over the past 4 weeks and she has not responded. I am going to try to call her today.


chopandmick - as for the buses - we had approx 60 people and they sent us 2 buses which each held 30 people. We asked the drivers to wait for each other so that we all arrived at Jellyfish together.

lookinforfun - Mayte’s number is (00) 180 9840 7684.


Lookinforfun & Littlel, Thank you!


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Congrats Kristinemarie7, thank-you for sharing pictures. Your reception looked beautiful. So glad to hear everything went wonderfully!


Welcome back. I love the pics you posted. Can’t wait to see more pics.