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JellyFish Restaurant


Thank you all for the sweet comments on our pictures.

I believe we paid $50 per table and that included candles, rose pedals or shells. My colors were pink, cream and brown and they used pink and cream candles without me even asking. I didnt even think about the color of candles when planning the reception details, but they did!

I felt the same way about the Jellyfish. They truly took away any of my concerns regarding the reception details unlike dealing with the resorts. I think its because the Jellyfish deals with a small percentage of events vs the hotels that host multiple weddings per day.


Thats pretty reasonable, they quoted us $500.00 for “decoroation place and tables” so I asked what was included in this. Does somebody remember how many people are seated per table? Thanks ladies.


They have an assortment of table sizes. We sat at a sweetheart table for the 2 of us, then i had 2 tables of 8 and the rest were for 6. They have square & rectangle tables that sit 4, 6 or 8 and i guess even more if you pushed them together.


Perfect, thanks for the really useful information. It makes it easier to know and prepare for centerpieces and any other extras on the tables. Cheers again!


I cannot WAIT to plan for my reception to be at the Jellyfish instead of the Melia!!! I’m likely going to be getting married at the gazebo at the Melia still, then scooting on down to the Jellyfish for (from what I’ve read) what will be the most amazing night!

I was getting so fed up with the Melia and their extra fees for everything (gets quite insanely priced for our group of 75!!!), and when another bride on here suggested I check out the Jellyfish, I damn near cried when I stared to read the reviews on here, and about how helpful and amazing they are there. I’m so excited!! Now hopefully they reply to my email, and soon – I’d like to get this sucker booked as far in advance as possible!

Thank you everyone, for all the reviews and pricing and information. You’re doing so many brides the biggest favour! Does the Jellyfish have an actual website? I tried to Google it, with no luck on any official website with their prices and whatnot. I read all the pricing on here, but I want to see a full list of prices if it’s available online? Thanks again! ;D ;D ;D ;D


Hi Ladies! It’s so great to read you!

I got married on the Jellyfish’s beach and I had my reception at the Jellyfish as well on April 20, 2008. It was the best wedding I could have ever imagine!!! My family and guests are still talking about it - after 4 months!!!

I read all of the posts and if you find that the Melia is a pain, I definitely suggest you go with the Jellyfish for everything! yes, EVERYTHING!

And ladies - your idea of a surprise is the best! NOT EASY TO DO THOUGH!! (in my case anyway!) This is what we did and we’re so happy we did it! Moepeedy- you are right - your guests will have seen so many weddings at the hotel before yours that they will think they know exactly how it will be, BUT, they just won’t believe it when they will arrive at the Jellyfish! Be ready for A LOT of wonderful comments!!!

If you want to see our wedding pictures, and to see our wedding on their beach, go to:

Also, carlymclaughlin, Mayte can email you a list of their prices! She’s a real professional and she’s got everything! Even more important, she LOVES her job!


I am so happy, excited and thrilled, we have booked the Jelly Fish for our ceremony, dinner reception and dancing! Mayte has been amazing, so happy to work with us and I agree, you can tell she loves what she does.


2gether4ever: thanks for the added encouragement! Did you send a deposit so they would hold your wedding date? My email is carlymclaughlin@shaw.ca – would you mind emailing me details about what sort of services of theirs that you utilized for your reception? Your pics are great too, by the way! Who did your photos?


2getherforever: how hot was it at the end of April? How was the humidity? I hope you didn’t email me and it went straight into my ‘junk’ filter? I haven’t heard from you yet, just wondering if you’ve emailed me?

anyone else who might be communicating with Mayte at the Jellyfish via email or phone :
I’ve not had a reply from the last 3 emails I sent her over the past few weeks, and up until then she got back to me right away every time. We’re all set to book the restaurant and now she’s M.I.A. and I’m kinda wiggin’-out a little bit. I’m all the way on the west coast of British Columbia, so I don’t know if just calling up the restaurant is the best plan? Anyone know the time zone there? Hmm. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


CarlyMclaughlin: funny, we are from BC’s west coast as well! My advice to you is to call the restaurant, Mayte is often there and you can talk to her directly. We had a really weird experience from the get go regarding emails and once we got it figured it, it has been fine since then. So there is a possibility that she hasn’t received her emails. I believe there is a 3 hour time difference, but I’m not 100% sure.

I hope that information helps.


Carlymclaughlin:by chance are you flying out of Vancouver on Sunday April 26th 2009 with Air Transat?


carlymclaughlin - the same thing was happening with me this week and I was getting worried because it was my info for doing the pre-invoice and reserving the date. I re-sent the e-mail last night and she got back to me right away. It seems that their internet was down.


ncake: where are ya from? I’m in Victoria. We fly out of Vancouver on April 23rd with Air Transat – along with about 75 of our guests! Craziness, I’m so excited for that plane ride! Haha! Are you flying Club Class? Did you book with a travel agent, or all on your own? How do I pronounce Mayte’s name? I don’t want to phone there and burn her right off the bat… haha. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I’ll get in contact with the restaurant soon if my emails continue to go unanswered!


Carlymclaughlin, wow really? My fiance is from Victoria and his family. I moved there in 2001 and went to UVIC, we just moved to the mainland last September though. Most of our guests will be flying out of Vancouver with us on the 26th, we are foreseeing an unforgettable flight, sheer madness! We are flying with Air Transat as well and we have a travel agent in Victoria that we are working with. He is a friend of ours and has been great, but he left on paternal leave and now we have somebody else looking after our file. We are just flying regular class. Mayte’s name is pronounced “My-teh”. Hope that helps.


ncake: small small world! Just in case you weren’t informed, it’s only $150 to upgrade to first class aka Club Class with Transat… nothing extravegant, but you can bring more carry on and more checked baggage… just a thought, in case you’re like me and you’re bringing a ton of crap to do your own table decorations and whatnot with. Oh – and apparently they have closets on the flight so you can hang your dress up too, which you would carry on (Ummm, that sucka isn’t leaving my SIGHT until it’s safely in that closet! haha). How many people are joining you on the trip? When’s your wedding? Ours is on the 27th, at 2pm in the gazebo, then we’re going to have some bevvies at the hotel, then go to Jellyfish. I’m so freakin excited about the venue change, the Melia was seriously stressing me out. Now I just got into my program a year earlier than planned-for, so I don’t need the added stress or time constraints… school is crazy enough! Oh well, this wedding trip will also be a much-needed vacation, right between my first year ending and my clinical practice beginning! What travel agency are you going through?


I remember our travel agent telling us about the club class, currently we are sticking with what we have but I might change my mind closer to the date. I’ll end up sitting without my fiance in club class! He’s lets say, on the thrifty side. We have almost 40 people flying with us. Our wedding is April 30th, we are booked to have the ceremony at the Melia at 1 pm but we have decided to have the ceremony at the Jelly Fish on the beach as we had first envisioned and then didn’t like that idea when we saw pictures of the beach weddings at the Melia. Unfortunately, we have already sent our deposit to the Melia so we might lose that but in the end we will save money by going with the Jelly Fish, initially we thought there was no way we would have more than 25 guests coming but we were pleasantly surprised that so many more people sent their deposits in for the group rate. We figure we are now paying for exactly what we would like versus compromising by having it at the Melia. My fiance’s cousin is also getting married that week and their ceremony and reception will be at the Melia so we thought this would be a good venue change for our guests, as many will be going to both weddings that and we can also have a later ceremony at the Jelly Fish. The 1 pm ceremony time that we are booked for at the Melia will just be too early for us, especially since my fiances cousins wedding will be the day before ours. We went with Cheap tickets.


It is so great to read all of there reviews and comments on the JellyFish restaurant!!! I have a questions for carlymclaughlin…I have around 75-80 people coming with us which we never expected…when we first thought of going to the Melia for our wedding we thought we would have 40 guests…this number of guests have changed the view of what we want to do and the Jelly Fish is sounding alot better than the Melia for what you get for the cost!!!
I just have a few questions if you dont mind!!! Because you are having alot of people attend your wedding aswell…I was wondering what package you are going with at the melia for the ceremony, we really like the idea of using the gazebo and having some cocktails and hordurves at the gazebo and then heading over to the Jelly Fish for dinner/dancing/drinking…is that what you are doing???
Do you have any children attending your wedding??? we were concerned with transporting them to the Jelly Fish!!! Do you know how close it is???
Thanks for the help…


ncake: I’m pissed that the Melia had only a 2pm or a 4pm time slot for us to choose from, then someone booked the 4pm one by the time we responded that day… buggers! 2pm is way too early for my liking, I have my travel agent trying to weasel them into letting us do it at like 6pm instead. I’m a very calm person, but I might pitch a fit if they aren’t willing to even think about it, as it seems so far. We’re doing 2 weddings in our week there too, our friends are having theirs 2 days before ours and they’re having their reception at the Melia so far, but that might change. I would rather they didn’t have theirs at Jellyfish, as I want our venue to be different (besides, it was MY discovery… haha, jk)

Hamilton: you will not pay THAT much less having it at the Jellyfish, but rest assured that you will get WAY more value for your $$ by having it at the Jellyfish rather than the Melia.

Basically, I told the Melia to “get bent” and I’m using their ‘free wedding’ which is the Melia package… it’s good for up to 12 people. What I’ve done is told them to scrap the dinner (because obviously it’s useless to us) and instead, I’m just taking all the freebies and told them to do NO extra work than they’d do for 12 people. Our guests can stand, family can sit – it’ll be what, 15 minutes anyways?? No one in our group would mind. If there’s only enough champage for the families to toast with, big whoop – we’ll all head over to one of the nicer lounges for some celebratory drinks (free ones, too… lol) before heading to the Jellyfish. Everything you want to do costs extra with the Melia, per person and per hour. It’s ridiculous unless your group has less than 24 people in it. We have an infant travelling with one of our wedding guests, everyone else is 19+. The Jellyfish is about a 15 min. walk down the beach from the Melia apparently, but the gazebo is quite a ways from the beach too… apparently if you ask the Jellyfish owners, they’ll help arrange a bus to transport your guests to the Jellyfish then back to the Melia at the end of the night, and it’s not expensive. I’m going to look into that myself.

I’m sooooo choked at the fact that the Melia charges for alcohol for weddings, it makes me sick. However, the Jellyfish does as well but their rates are better I find. I’m hoping to drink t the Melia for about an hour, then head to Jellyfish at 7:30, dinner at 8. I’m also hoping to bring wine for the dinner if they’ll let me, then open the bar for like 3 hours after dinner… it’s still very expensive for a few hours to host a bar there, but not as much as the Melia and I’d never ask my guests to shell out $$ for drinks after they’ve paid almost $1800 per person for a 7 day stay at an all-inclusive, so we’re just going to have to suck it up and pay for it ourselves.

My mom’s a florist so besides my free bouquet and Curt’s free boutinnere, we’re going to make the other bouquets and boutinneres… so hopefully I can buy flowers somewhere or I’ll be skulking around the resort late-night all in black with scissors and a basket… haha. My free wedding comes with a cake, which they will allow to be taken over to the Jellyfish (the owners are more than happy to go get it in the daytime for you).

So yeah, I’m stickin’ it to them. They run an insulting money-grab of a business with their wedding packages, it’s not worth it. Our wedding was going to start running us near ten grand, and that was with JUST the basics, for like 85 people. Brutal! Feel free to ask me whatever, I’m full of info after fighting with the Melia for months now… haha. My email is carlymclaughlin@shaw.ca


CarlyMclaughlin: I hear you on the frustration! I think if you did get the 6 pm ceremony time it would be early evening, on the verge of darkness, not sure if you were aware of that, at least I’m pretty sure, when I was in the DR I remember early sunsets, close to the equator right, same thing when I was in Colombia. Just wanted to throw that out there in case you forgot. But an early evening ceremony would be very romantic.

There are lots of issues that my fiance and I have with the Melia, the charge for alcohol was one of them. My fiance came to the conclusion that if we are going to end up spending that much money (more than we had planned for) than we should spend that money where we will feel good about what we spent it on and not feel resentful.


Thanks for the head’s up on the sunset time… I came on here to post that VERY question! :smiley:

Your last little paragraph completely sums up exactly how we feel about it too. The Melia has done nothing to impress me so far, so why would I give them thousands more dollars if I can go somewhere else and actually enjoy my night and like you said, not be angry. Who wants to feel bitter at their wedding?? LOL

I think we need to correspond and share our info and ideas better, my email is:

I’m not checking this forum very often now that I’m in school and it’s taken over my life… (Ummm, and I’m supposed to plan this wedding with WHAT spare time? Haha)

Take care, and drop me a line! :smiley: