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JellyFish Restaurant


I have decided to have my reception at the Jellyfish since the Melia was becoming so costly and for the past few months have been in great contact with Mayte however she has not contacted me back for almost two weeks now. Is anyone experiencing this issue? I am getting married January 17, 2009 and its a bit too close and I am starting to getting worried now!


Hi there, I have recently booked my wedding reception at the Jellyfish - 20th January 2009 which I am sooooo excited about. Mayte has been so wonderful and helpful but Ive not had any response from her for over a week now and was also starting to worry. Is this the norm?


dboogie, littlel,

I find that to be strange since Mayte is on point getting back to me via email. I think the Jellyfish is becoming popular for wedding ceremonies after people dealing with the Melia issues. I would continue to email her I am certain she will get back to you. I can’t wait to hear both your reviews of the Jellyfish and see pictures. Are you both bringing your own decorations? are u having a DJ? or a band?


I finally received an email from Mayte about a week ago, after emailing her several times, and she let me know that she’s had internet problems lately, since it’s storm season. She’s probably got a ton to respond to as well, now that she’s back online.


From reading this website I can see how popular they are and Mayte also told me that they are practically fully booked for weddings and events for the most of January 2009 so maybe like you say she is inundated with emails and will get back to me when she can. I have only recently booked the Jellyfish so am really keen to get everything arranged so I know what we’re doing - especially as Ive only got 3 months to go. It seems most people have booked and planned way ahead of their wedding date - so im abit behind!!

Moepeedy - we have 60 people in our wedding party so am definately having the DJ - im trying to convince my other half to have the fire dancers too because i love those. Ive bought some decorations i.e. candles, rose petals, favours, even gold coloured bows to go on the backs of the dining chairs. Was meant to be having dinner at our hotel - Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro - thats why I brought all this stuff - but since we’ve changed our minds and gone with the Jellyfish I really wished I hadnt now because from what Ive seen of their decoration its beautiful. Ah well hey ho…

When is your wedding?? How are your plans going??

carlymclaughlin - how long did it take for Mayte to get back to you… was it weeks??


Hey ladies, we were in contact with Mayte last week and she informed us how busy she is with weddings coming up in January, she also told us she is planning a family members wedding and is having to do everything and when I say everything I mean every last detail so sounds like she has her hands full right now.


Hi upcoming Brides. Its been a while since i have been on but i wanted to let you know from experience to not worry about anything. I had my reception at the Jellyfish last January (i think i was the first bride on this forum to do it), but i didnt even decide to have it there until late Nov. I probably only spoke to Mayte and the owner a handful of times and they had all of my emails printed out when i got there and didnt forgot one detail.

I know you have a ton of questions but just trust them b/c they know how special this day is to you and will do anything to make it perfect. Also there are a lot of little things you can do once you get there and meet with them before the wedding. We decided the table set up, etc 3 days before. Once you see the place in person its alot easier to see how it will all work the day of.


My wedding is June 20, 2009. I am having my ceremony at the Melia-Gazebo. Similiar to what Alisonjfrazier did. Then have my reception at the Jellyfish. I have been back and forth deciding if I should have a salsa band and dj or just a dj. I have a fun crowd and want to make sure we have the best time.

Hi Alisonjfrazier the other day I was viewing your pics again. Each time I view them I can’t wait for my day to come. You have great pictures. Good to see that you checking in on the forum.


Alisonjfrazier - thanks for the info its made me feel so much better. Your wedding pics are gorgeous and it was seeing them that made me decide to go for the Jellyfish! Did you have a meeting with Mayte as soon as you arrived in DR to go through all the details? Also, how long did the sit-down (meal) take - im guessing this will probably be a couple of hours?!?!

Moepeedy - If my funds could stretch far enough i’d probably go with the Salsa band! That would be brilliant. How many people do you have?

L x


I am actually having 80 people attending…a lot more than I had anticipated. But the more the merrier! We will be bringing our own DJ down (a friend of my FH) we just need to rent the equipment. I liked Maytes decorations that she said she had so I’m just going to go with hers. I have enough stuff to bring down with me (not looking foward to traveling with so much) so it makes my life a lot easier to go with her decorations.

I emailed Mayte again today…still nothing…I’m still confident because all the other times I spoke with her she was responsive and helpful. I’m just getting jitters because I dont want to end up down there with no where to hold a reception.

Quick question: I spoke with Emy at the Melia and had fairly good contact with her up until I told her I was only going to have the ceremony at the Melia. I then told her that since my package came with a cake and champagne I wanted to hold it off and bring it with me to the Jellyfish and she told me that I couldnt do that, that the coprorate offices do not allow them to let guests take food or drink off the property. But I’m confused now because I could have sworn someone on this forum said they spoke with her and she said it was fine? I dont know if shes saying that to me now because I’ve decided to change venues but I feel if I’m paying for it its mine to do what I want with it. When I told her that she was quoted on this forum as saying it was okay she said it wasnt true that she has never told anyone that. So dont know what to do about that. I really dont want to have to start searching or paying for another expense for a cake (the cost seems to get bigger and bigger each week!)

One more question before I call it a night…Since I am having a Catholic Wedding Ceremony at the Melia I have been in contact with the Priest, but that has also dwindled over past weeks…I was wondering if anyone had the set up to the cermony so that I can start on my programs. If you do please let me know. He mentioned something about the together for life booklet? I asked him to send it to me but I havent had a response back and to be quite honest I have not a clue what booklet hes speaking of.

Ahhh I’m so glad I got these questions out of my head before I hit the pillow…its make sleeping a lot easier!

Btw…thanks you all for your helpful info thus far :slight_smile:



It was me who mentioned in this forum that you can have the cake transported to another location. I have the emailed I sent Emy asking her and her response was yes as long as I make the arrangements with the Jellyfish to have it picked it. I agree with you, if I pay I should be able to do what I want with my cake. IF I have to bring it over myself or one of my guest. I will do just that. I will look for the email and I can send to you. Let me know what’s your email address.


Dear Maureen,

If the location is near the hotel you can have a person in charge of the location to come and get the cake, when you contact the persona and set the time and all you let me us know to be able to communicate this to our security and staff that someone is coming for this cake.

Emy Rose Aquino
Coordinadora de Bodas
Wedding Coordinator
Meliá Caribe Tropical Resort
Playas de Bávaro, Higuey, Punta Cana - Rep. Dom.
Tel. 809 221-1290 Ext. 6376
Fax. 809 688-6589
E-mail: grupos.eventos.melia.caribe@solmelia.com

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Quick question for you. If I choose the tides package which includes everything that I am looking to do. As far as the cake if I choose to do a private party offsite from the hotel I wanted to transport my cake myself to my location is that a problem.

Maureen Martinez
Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.


The actual dinner portion of our reception was only about an hr. The cocktail hour ended at 7 and everyone sat down while we had our first dance(s) right. Dinner was severed at 7:15 and people were done eating by 7:45/8pm. My husband and i ate quickly so we could walk around and visit each guest table and the dancing began at 8pm.

I used the Jellyfish to order my cake and i thought it turned out pretty well. I think the cost was $400, but im not sure. It was way more cake then we needed but i was dead set on three layers so i paid the price. I did an a la carte package at the melia for my ceremony since i didnt need the cake, champagne and appetizers. I spent around $700 for the ceremony location & set up, horse and carriage, flowers, & trio.


wow moepeedy! Thank you so much for that I am going to foward her that response and see what she says now.

Thank you so very much!


Anytime! make sure to keep all your emails so the day you sit with your coordinator flash her all your request you made via email.


Just heard back from Mayte, she sent me my invoice to confirm my date…Amen! Thanks all for all your helpful info. Ill be sure to post my review and lotsa pics too!


Can’t wait to see your pictures! I am sure you are going to have an amazing time.


Hey ladies…

Love hearing about all of your up coming weddings!!! I am getting married in May and have also decided to have the ceremony at the melia and the reception at the Jellyfish…all the questions and answers that you have all been posting have been a great help!!! Cant wait to hear about everyones wedding when they return and of course see pics!!!

carlymclaughlin: Thanks so much for all your answers to my questions. It really is a great help, I may be in touch via e-mail with a few more questions later on, Thanks again!!!


what is Mayte’s email adress ? After reading all of your posts, I think I want to do my reception there and not at the Melia where everything you most cost more and more…



email is: jellyfishrestaurant@gmail.com