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JellyFish Restaurant


firebibitte: just a heads up, the Jelly Fish is not necessarily cheaper with their prices, its just you are getting more of what you would like and treated with a much more positive enthusiastic manner and a willingness to see your vision, that has been my experience thus far when comparing one of the WC assigned to us at the Melia and the the WC were are working with at the Jelly Fish (Mayte). In fact, it will end up costing us slightly more but we are also getting exactly what we want and are much happier with the service we have received from the Jelly Fish.


Alison may be the only one who can answer this, but how ‘strict’ is the timing with the open bar? We expect we’re going to want it for four hours, but have told Mayte 3 hours because we’d also kind of like to see how the night goes.


They arent strict by any means, but you need to let them know ahead of time that you may want to stay an hr longer. We ran 30 mins longer, but the owner had another party that night he was hosting that started at 11pm…but HE NEVER made us feel rushed. You just need to be upfront with them that your reception will either last 3 or 4 hrs so they dont overbook the restaurant. Its just like in the States when you book a place for 3 hrs they expect you to only stay 3 hrs plus or minus 30 mins. Plus if you are getting the bus to take people to and from the hotel they too need to know how long you will be there. Hope that helps!


Hi Everyone,
We pay per guest for food & drinks; does this mean that we also include our wedding photographer & video person as our guest? Or do they bring their own food/drinks. How does it work? I want to make sure I’m calculated the right amount of guests that I will be paying for. Thanks a million!


My wedding is April of 2009 and I was also quoted $600. Keep me posted if it’s only $400. Thanks!


Yes the photographer and videographer should be included in your head count for food, but you need to check with them first. They may not eat just as a company policy. If they do, then you need to pay for them.

A rule of thumb locally, is if you are using their service for 5 hrs or more hours than they are allowed to eat; if its under 5hrs than its up to you.


Hi Ladies,

I want to send Mayte a payment; but the info she sent me, so I was told by my bank is not sufficent. Has anyone else wired her money? If so can you give me some info on how to get it to her from my bank (citibank) to hers?




I haven’t wired anything as of yet to Mayte. I am still working with her to generate an invoice for me. Maybe Alisonjfrazier would know since she had her wedding reception at the JF. Let me know what you end up doing. I will follow the same steps. My wedding reception is June 20, 09. When is your wedding? Question for you are you bringing your decorations or is Mayte providing them and has she sent you any pictures of what she’s done in the past.


She sent me my invoice with everything on it a few weeks ago. I am not bringing my own decorations she will be providing them for me…I trust her judgement (plus I’m pretty easy to please)…and I looked at some pics from one other bride (I forget who) who had her wedding there and the decorations of the place and table looked so nice. My colors are blue and white and Mayte said she had these beautiful starfish decorations and candles to put on my tables. The place will be decorated with blue flowers (not sure which ones yet) and white lillies. I havent requested any pics from here and Im not sure if I will. I am getting married on Saturday, January 17th, 2009. As soon as I hear back from her on the steps to wire her money I will let you know what I did. I want to get as much paid off as possible, as soon as possible.


I would also be interested to know about sending the money across as my wedding is in January and im guessing Mayte will be asking for some money quite soon.

Also - what are you girls having for desserts - have you spoke about anything or been given any options? The menus that Mayte sent me didnt have any dessert options so im really not sure what we will do.


dboogie82 & Littlel,

Your weddings are right around the corner. Wow, you must be so excited. I can’t wait to hear your reviews and see pics.

dboogie82, How many guest and how many tables are you setting up. How much did Mayte charge you for decorations. I am sure Mayte will do a great job. I am the same way want to know how much and pay as soon as possible.

Littlel, I think you can suggest to Mayte what dessert you have in mind and I am sure she will do her best to accomodate you. Or maybe you can suggest to her if she could reach out to a local bakery and send you a menu of DR desserts.


Moepeedy-I am having 77 guests attend so far, I have maybe 5 or so more that may book when it gets closer. I am going to have 10 tables of 8 set up at the moment. I have to check my invoice for the decorations cost (I’m not on my laptop at the moment), I believe it was from $500 and up. I can send you a copy of my invoice so you can have a look at total costs. So far with everything minus my flowers (still need to get back to her on specifics and I told her I want to spend no more than $300 on them) it came to approx $9,400.00. I actually did my own spreadsheet on costs as well for the Melia and Jellyfish together.

Littlel-I am just having my wedding cake and coffee as dessert. I feel that most of the time the desserts go to waste and everyone will probably be drinking much more than eating (especially with the crew I have coming down), so I think that should suffice.

Im going for my dress fitting tomorrow, should actually be the second to last one!!

Talk soon :slight_smile:


dboogie82 - 77 guests so far that is brilliant!! We have 57 guest. We finally got our table plan finished this week and guess what… another 2 people added onto the booking today!! So well’ll be back to the drawing board this weekend. Te he nevermind.

moepeedy - as for the desserts - I asked Mayte couple of weeks ago what the options were and she replied and said it will all be in the pre-invoice. Ive not receieved my pre-invoice yet so am waiting to see what it says. Good idea about having the wedding cake as dessert tho - thats probably more cost effective too!! Think ill look into that.

I had my final dress fitting this week too. I cant believe in 8 weeks time ill be wearing it. Scary!!

Are you going to go to the restaurant a few days before to finalise everything??

Thanks for your help girls :o)


dboogie82, Littlel

I have so far 30 guests and it’s only November.
I thought the same having the wedding cake and coffee as my dessert. That would be awesome if you could send me a copy of the invoice. My email is moepeedy@hotmail.com.
I think it would be a good idea to visit the restaurant a few days before. Mayte could give you a run down of exactly what she will doing. How did your fittings go? Are any of you gals having a Trash the dress photo session? if so are you using your wedding dress or getting a different dress for the TTD. If you don’t mind where are you girls from. I am from NYC. You girls are my Jellyfish pals. LOL!

Are you planning on having a cocktail hour at the Melia? What time did you arrange for your reception at the JF.


Just got my quote from Mayte from Jelly Fish and I think I will be having my reception at the Jelly Fish Restaurant

I am from Brooklyn - Mopeedy…

For TDD sessions most people have stated they bought an inexpensive white dress to take pictures with.

When I do finalize my reservations with Jelly Fish, I will still have a cocktail hour at Melia … because from what I heard whether you decide to have reception there or not you are still responsible for package price. Is that true?.. because I might still want a cocktail hour at Jelly Fish Restaurant…

Tell me what you think


Moepeedy - I am from London, UK. It is such a relief to have this site and be able to talk about all ‘Jellyfish’ related stuff. We are keeping the Jellyfish a secret from all our guests and will surprise them on the day - thought it would be a really nice way to thank everyone for travelling all that way to see us get married. We are sooo excited about having our reception there and not talking about it to anyone is soooooo difficult!! So thank god for you guys :o)

We’re hoping to get to the Jellyfish for 5.30pm ish, have welcome drinks, and then sit down for food. Im guessing the meal and speeches will last a couple of hours altogether - and then dance the rest of the night away.

Is that similar to what you all plan to do?!?!

The only downside is that we have a 1pm wedding at the hotel (Bahia Principe Bavaro) so I need to come up with some ideas to keep everyone happy during the afternoon.

No wont be having a trash the dress session - we can only have our resort photographer on the wedding day and so have decided to give this a miss. Looks like alot of fun tho.

dboogie82 - did you ask Mayte to send your invoice or did she automatically send it to you when she was ready… only im really keen to see mine and get it paid.

Pierrebride09 - when is your wedding date?

Speak soon


Hi All,

My wedding is 4-24-09 at the Jellyfish. I haven’t seen any electronic invoice yet from Mayte. We are also keeping it a surprise from our guests. We are staying at the Melia but doing the entire ceremony and reception at the Jellyfish. Have any of you received a contract? Its sort of scary to me to not have one. Anyway its great to read about all of your plans, very exciting!


moepeedy - I just emailed you a copy of my invoice. I made arrangements to see Mayte the day I arrive. My FH and I are going to have dinner there that night as well. I am NOT having a cocktail hour at the Melia, even that I thought was too costly also! So I am going to have something like a cocktail “half hour” at the Jelly Fish for my guests before we arrive with a buffet of appetizers. I wont be doing a TTD session, although I think that would be awesome my FH isnt into it, lol and I’m not a fan of sand all of me, lol! Oh and I’m from BROOKLYN, NY as well.

littel-I asked Mayte to send me my invoice that way I have an idea of price and she did within a few weeks from my email. I looked it over and was very happy with how detailed it was and I told her I was going to wire her a deposit soon after that. I actually just wired her $5,000 yesterday, she said she would email me when she recieves it.

lookinforfun-Mayte did not send me any offical contract just an invoice. I’m okay with that though because of the other brides who have written on this forum were very happy with her services without needing a contract. Her reputation seems suffice at this point for me.

pierrebride09-If the Melia is telling you that you need to pay for a cocktail hour because its in a package then my advice would be not to do the package, just purchase things individually, thats what I’m doing. I actually did a spreadsheet 3 different types of ways and the Jelly Fish came out a tad more money in each equation (not by much) but with so much more “bang for the buck” and Maytes customer service blew the Melia’s out of the water. As far as finalizing anything with the Jelly Fish I am sure there is some leeway with it. I say that only because Mayte will add anything on for you last minute as long as you give her a heads up when you get there. For instance I have not decided on my flowers as of yet and Mayte hasnt bothered me with any of it yet and I only have 56 days to go. Just to be safe I would say atleast 3 weeks prior to “finalize” should be sufficent.


dboogie82 would you mind sharing your invoice with me also? I have made a budget with what i expect costs are and from my conversations with Mayte. Also, I think your right about trusting Mayte, my fiance and I met with her in person when we has dinner at the restaurant and she was great! By the way for the NY girls, I’m from Westchester and I have family in Brooklyn…small world!


Hello JF Friends,

dboogie82 thanks sooooooooo much for the invoice. This helps alot. Has anyone worked on their Itinerary?