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Jibacoa Day Passes

Do either of the resorts at Jibacoa offer a day use program? ???
I’m thinking of a day trip from Havana.

Some hotels in Havana permit day use of their pools for a fee that can be put toward food and beverage.

When we stayed at the Cameleon, the transat rep said we could buy a day pass for the Breezes, so it should be possible. I believe it was around $40.00

I’m not sure Radar, but why don’t you try emailing Breezes to find out?




or if you are in Havana, give the front desk a call and ask for someone in Guest Services, specifically Vivian.

53 47 2951 22 or
53 47 2951 23

I’ll check it out and report back.

My research while in Havana turned up the following.
Breezes Jibacoa day pass is 50 CUC.
When I say day pass this is good to 5:00pm.
Should you want to spend time after that it is another 20 CUC.

70 CUC + round trip transport? Personally, I’d never bother leaving the eastern beaches in Havana…

Actually I rarely leave Havana. :slight_smile:
I’m not a beach person. I must have had a brain cramp when I started this thread.