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Jibacoa to Havana

6 adults going to Cameleon Jibacoa Jan 14th, we had done the guided bus tour to Havana a few years ago from Jibacoa, this time looking at the possibility of hiring a van / driver (English speaking) for the day to take us to Havana. We do not have a day picked out yet, and probably will not until we get there and see what the weeks weather is going to do. I guess I am wondering if there is a contact out there to get a hold of for this type of service? or does one arrange this through the resort? approx. how much for the day for 6 people? and can this even be done the last minute kind of thing?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

I’m not sure what the rules are for promoting service providers in open forum.
I can provide you with an in Cuba contact should you contact me off board.

The tour operator will have a rep at the hotel, she can book a taxi (van) for you. A taxi was 90CUC and I believe a van was 120, can’t remember exactly but a family did this last year, we did a car. It includes a driver and 6 hours. A car will only fit 4 passengers.

Back in 2006 we arranged a van, driver and guide through our Nolitours rep. to take 9 of us into Havana for the day. The guide and driver worked for Havantur. We had them for 10 hours total, so 8 hours in the city when you factor in the driving time, and I think it cost us 35CUC each. We could go wherever we wanted or have the guide suggest places.
We did a combination of the two and went all over the place, our guide accompanied us and gave us all kinds of cultural/historical/interesting :wink: information as we walked.
For a bigger group with many of them being Havana 1st timers it was perfect.

You may have more trouble finding a van for the day so I would book ahead of time but if you want to take taxis they are usully around the resort each day. The cost in Nov was 90 CUC for about a 4 hour tour.