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Jibacoa to Havana


OK so I’ve chosen my trip this winter
Jibacoa here we come wooooo hooooooooo
nice beach, good resort and close to Habana
now I need to find someone, a guide, to tour me around, all day and into the night, and a good Casa to stay in overnight
Anyone know of a good tour guide, please PM me on the name
although my impression is it’s OK for these people to make a little extra cash now.
I could even find my way to Habana if the tour guide lived in Habana.
Anyone know what a cab ride would cost one way


iggy, congrats on booking! Steffie is your ‘go-to’ girl for all your questions about BJ and an overnight in Habana, as well.

You’ve selected a great little resort. I’m sure you will have a wonderful holiday… :smiley:


An an excellent guide, that I have used, who will customize a tour for you & also set up a casa is Jorge

jorgeguide2004 at yahoo.es


[quote=@catraveler]An an excellent guide, that I have used, who will customize a tour for you & also set up a casa is Jorge

jorgeguide2004 at yahoo.es[/quote]
These days it is jorgeguide2004@gmail.com

I’ve used him too. :smiley:


Thanks eeee shall change records. :slight_smile:


An overnight excursion to Havana, including the famous Tropicana Show is also offered by the tour companies.

We also prefer to use Jorge and his colleagues. He was able to customize our Havana trips based on our wish list of things to see & do. We’ve found the Lonely Planet and Moon guides for Cuba to be worth the investment. Good references to have!

Taxi fare from Jibacoa to Havana runs about 90 CUC. There are some employees who will offer the ride to Havana for less. We used one of them in 2004 and regretted doing so. Nothing puts a damper on your trip faster than mechanical trouble with a private car !

Hope you enjoy Jibacoa as much as we do!


What about Potato?


[quote=@spunky]What about Potato?

I think you mean Pototo who is likely OK.

However Jorge has arranged many things for me + I have spent time with him, consider him a friend & I feel he has more expertise.


We’ve also used Pototo.

Both Pototo & Jorge are great resources for arranging private trips to Havana.

I can’t honestly say one would be better than the other, but we felt Jorge’s services were a “cut above” .


a private tour wil cost you 60/70 cuc’s for two or four people. Have used more than one guy at Breezes. If your staying at BJ’s pm me. Can give you some names.


Things have changed regarding the use of private drivers. At Breezes Jibacoa and, I’m guessing, Cameleon Villas, they now park in the driveway and guests can go out and talk to the drivers and select the one they want to use. Some of them are beautifully restored pre-revolution cars. You no longer have to make “arrangements” through other hotel employees but directly with the drivers cutting out the middleman and this has brought down the prices. In previous years, the private drivers had to give kick backs to the employee at the resort who recommended them and the police along the highway to avoid tickets. You can arrange tours of Havana with these drivers, also. We go in and stay overnight and make arrangements with our driver to drop us off and pick us up the next day and it doesn’t cost you any more for this feature. If anyone wants the name of our driver (we’ve been using him for all the years we’ve been going), I’ll be happy to supply his cell number by pm.
Because of the change in regulations, you now see a proliferation of private cars in the driveway and rarely see taxis except when guests are going to and fro between the airport.


a day cost for a tour is 70 cuc’s all in for two or four people, the fellow we used parked just outside, and dropped us off at the hotel. Perfect English, good car with AC, has been doing this for over 10 years and is now legal. PM if you like.
Very easy to arrange yourself also, did this our first trip, no problem what so ever.