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Joe & Karen

Joe & Karen at the Iberostar Bavaro Siboney Beach Bar, it was a great time.

Hey - watched the clip but didn’t see either Joe or Karen - were they hiding???

I’m glad you said it Olive, I watched 2 hours ago and did not see them either. I know they tan well but----??? :wink:

They werent the two sitting on the ground, after falling off the stool from too many Presidente’s were they?

That’s why I make sure my barstool has a seatbelt!!!

I know it’s a poor video but really they are at the end of the bar, Joe’s doing the arm thing (yo-yo man), then you see Karen stepping in to join him, then you hear them singing, that’s their voices over the music… honest :sunglasses:

I went back and put annotations on it, sorry it’s so crappy :-[

I know Joe lost a lot of weight maybe that is why he is so hard to see, i saw him waving his arms and I saw Karen come in to join ;D.

And Wow that video makes me want to be there… thanks for sharing Debbie.